These Are The Stereotypes Pakistani Women From North America Have to Deal With

By Kanwal Rafiq | 4 Nov, 2016

When my dad had a heart attack in 2011, an aunty from Pakistan diagnosed the cause much faster than my father’s heart surgeon. “His daughter is dating a gora and refuses to marry a Muslim, poor man couldn’t take the pain.” Well, we can only imagine how the rest of that conversation went about my shameless character. Since then, I’ve been taking note of all the times us Pakistani women from North America are stereotyped. So here goes the list…

1. Loose in Character 

Looking for someone to ‘hit it and quit it’ with? The western girl is an easy catch. She’s already been with several other men AND she’ll be open to doing more than just holding hands at the park.


2. Awaragard

She’s a bit too “outdoorsy.” Spends way too much time hanging out with friends and taking useless trips when she’s really supposed to perform housework like a girl with real goals and ambitions.


3. Can’t live with the in-laws

She will tear families apart. She is possessive, controlling and demands to be of higher priority than her husband’s poor parents.

Source: Deenga
Source: Deenga

4. Isn’t family oriented

She doesn’t know what the term “rishtedaar” means and will never be able to hold the same respect for her in-laws. These western girls are self-absorbed people with too much azaadi I tell you.

Source: Deenga
Source: Deenga

5. Can’t speak Urdu

My favourite. She’s basically a gori as she either doesn’t know how to speak her native language or holds a terrible accent. How uncultured right?


6. Unfaithful

Let’s face it; once she’s bored with her husband, she’s dipping. Marriage is just a short adventure and divorce a meaningless word.


7. Besharam

She wears skinny jeans and tight shirts originally made for a 6 year old. How dare she have autonomy over her own body? Seeking the attention of non-mehrams by revealing every single corner it.

Source: Deenga
Source: Deenga

8. UnIslamic

Combining all of the listed stereotypes of above, she definitely doesn’t know what religion is. Modesty, family values, or commitment mean nothing. Does she even celebrate Eid?


9. Too Outspoken

Her biggest crime: having opinions and voicing them too. And God forbid the aunties don’t agree, because then not only is she just blunt, she’s also straight up badtameez.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

10. Can’t cook

This is the most popular one. Her poor husband survives on bread and butter, as she is too lazy to cook or at least learn how. She’ll never be able to grasp the concept of serving her family a warm hearty meal.


Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

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