Here’s How To See And Do The Best Stuff In Hunza, In Just 24 Hours

By Momina Mindeel | 30 Jul, 2017

Karimabad is the capital of Hunza and is probably one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and the world for that matter. The little town stays lit till late night, has 99% literacy rate, harbors immensely talented climbers, folk artists etc. and is home to some of the most beautiful sites, food places and local Hunza shops. Almost every other trekking trip, organized, stops at Karimabad on their way back from high up in the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan and it is, unfortunately, turning into the next Murree.

However, located at the distances of 44.9 and 48.2 kilometers respectively, from Karimabad, are the town and village of Gulmit and Passu that can be your safe heaven if you want to avoid the tourist rush at Karimabad.

Here’s how you need to spend your day in the beautiful valley of Hunza if you only have 24 hours:


Start your day by witnessing the sunrise at Eagle’s Nest 

Located at a distance of almost 20 minutes from Karimabad, Eagle’s Nest is a spot that offers not only one of the most breathtaking sunrise/sunset views but also a view at 11 of the most iconic mountain tops in the world. Just get a car from Karimabad that will charge you anywhere between 400 and 700 Rs. (depending on your bargaining skills, tbh), go to the Eagle’s Nest top and savor life.

Source: Syed Zargham Gilani


Get a public van and go to the Passu Village

After you’re done witnessing the sunrise, get down, get a public van from Aliabad for Rs. 50 or 60 (or if you can’t find one, get a jeep for Rs 800) and get to the Passu village, right in time for breakfast.

Passu is the second most visited place in Hunza, after Karimabad.


If you’re lucky to have your trip coincide with the FACE Mela in Passu, you might get to witness some incredible performances by the key musicians from the music Industry and the local community. The Mela is organized by the Foundation of Arts, Culture and Education and aims to promote responsible tourism.


Visit the Passu Suspension bridge, Passu Glacier and the Batura Lake

Spend the rest of your day visiting the Passu suspension bridge, the Passu Glacier (it’s literally located at 20 minutes hike from the village), the Glacier Breeze restaurant that is famous for its scrumptious apricot cake and the incredibly beautiful Batura lake.

Source: SM Bukhari

The suspension bridge can be a little daunting but hey, isn’t ‘living on the edge’ our ultimate motto?


Explore the Karimabad Bazaar 

After spending the day in the beautiful Passu Village, get back to Karimabad for dinner. Before the dinner, try roaming around the Karimabad bazaar for a little while. It is full of local shops that are inundated with local stuff. Remember, the shopkeepers don’t really like to bargain a lot so yeah. Plus, they have got some super amazing stories to tell.


Here’s a tip: Ask around for Safdar Karim’s shop, once you find it, you’re in for a treat. He has got some of the most interesting climbing stories since he’s a climber who is all set to summit Nanga Parbat this summer.


End your day with dinner from Cafe de Hunza or Hidden Paradise 

End your day with scrumptious dinner from this little cozy place called Cafe de Hunza. Hidden Paradise is situated right next to Cafe De Hunza and offers all kinds of local dishes including the Chapshoro and the famous Hareesa. You can have dessert from Cafe De Hunza afterwards. Don’t worry, the bazaar, Baltit fort, the shops, Hidden Paradise etc. are all at walking distances from each other so it’s all cool.

Source: Momina Mindeel

You’re welcome.


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