Sonu Nigam Just Went Bald To Prove A Molvi Sahab Wrong And Everyone's Like ‘Hain Jee?'

By Sarah Babar | 19 Apr, 2017

The Sonu Nigam debacle has taken over a lot of people’s bandwidth, now, and we were kinda completely over it till an hour ago when it took a reeeeeallly weird turn

Basically, it started with Sonu Nigam tweeting about how the Azaan wakes him up in the morning and how it disrupts his sleep, and that religion should not be forced on anyone


People lost their shit, and even Indian celebrities were quick to jump on and defend the azaan and spirit of India


Buuuut, as was pretty much expected, Sonu had a fatwa issued against him by a small-time maulvi sahab. 

The maulvi offered 10 lakh Indian rupees to anyone who shaved Sonu Nigam’s hair off.


Well, we all know, by now, Nigam is one to react very quickly to situations around him


Well, while everyone thought it was just a bluff, Sonu actually went ahead with it and the rest of the world was left with their mouths open.

Mainly because that’s the opposite of what he should have done!


Either Sonu is really angry about the whole situation, that he started in the first place, or he’s looking to make a quick buck.

Whatever it is, people are just as baffled as we are. But maybe it’s just this


So basically, Nigam did exactly what the maulvi asked of him

…and we’re still not sure whether he’ll get the 10 lakhs or will Hakim Aalim rake it all in


If it’s just a publicity stunt, we can’t wait to see what other weird turns this story takes, because it’s kinda entertaining.

Having said that, I also believe that everyone has the right to say what they want. If we’re asking Nigam to be more tolerant of other religions, we should also extend the same courtesy and be tolerant of someone speaking their minds. So basically, in making a mockery out of Sonu Nigam and his tweet, we’re kind of doing the same thing he did.


What are your thoughts on this whole episode?

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