Sonu Nigam Just Fell In Love With This 10-Year-Old Pakistani Singer And People Are Feeling All The Love

By Maliha Khan | 12 Aug, 2020

Sonu Nigam praising this young Pakistani singer has everyone feeling the love

In between tense Indo-Pak relations, Sonu Nigam has proven the search and admiration for raw and talented artists is not gone.


Sonu Nigam posted a video on his Facebook yesterday of him listening to a video of a young Pakistani singer and thoroughly admiring her talent

The video is of then 8-year old Syeda Hadiya Hashmi singing with Soch the Band on their original track, “Bol Hu”. The performance took place on NESCAFE’S Season Five back in February 2019.



Sonu Nigam mentions regarding the 10 year old Pakistani singer that he can’t believe an artist can still make him emotional and cry with their voice

Hadiya Hashmi has made a man, of many talents, a singing legend, and a mentor to artists all over the world, do a double-take. Sonu Nigam can’t believe in all of the years he has been an artist and mentor, he has still managed to come across such raw and pure talent. He also mentions he has not wanted to cry this badly after hearing such a powerful voice and song.

He commends Hadiya first foremost on her talent and ability to belt out such a powerful and praise-worthy pitch. He also commends Soch the Band and the writer Adnan Dhool as well as music producer, Xulfi.

Via Facebook/@SonuNigam


Soch the Band shared their pride about Sonu Nigam appreciating the young Pakistani singer

They made sure to mention how they have grown up listening to Sonu Nigam and how much of an honor it is to be noticed by him.

Via Facebook/@SonuNigam


Xulfi, the music producer behind Nescafe Basement where the young singer got her start, also thanked Sonu Nigam for bringing attention to the song

…as well as continuing to keep the dreams of artists all over the world alive.

Via Facebook/@SonuNigam


Pakistanis came together to celebrate our country and all of its talents

Via Facebook/@SonuNigam


Pakistani and proud would be an understand statement

Via Facebook/@SonuNigam


This person made sure to show off how much talent Pakistanis really have

Via Facebook/@SonuNigam

While this may be the first time you are hearing the name Syeda Hadiya Hashmi, she is no newcomer to the Pakistani singing scene.

Hadiya has been training to be a professional singer since the age of seven under Zia-ul-Haq from Surtaal Academy. Her first rise to fame was her performance with Soch the Band on NESCAFE Basement and she hasn’t lived the fame down since then. She has not stayed in the limelight, but the young star did start her own YouTube channel a few weeks back which is definitely worth checking out.


Check out Sonu Nigam’s video below:


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