Someone's Took A Lioness On A Joy Ride In Karachi Last Night And Everyone's Like WTF

By Ather Ahmed | 15 Jun, 2017

So while everyone was busy celebrating Pakistan’s victory against England, this happened. A video surfaced on social media last night that shows a pickup truck moving on the busy streets of Karachi.


As people were stuck in traffic they saw a truck with a lioness, casually chilling inside.

Source: Karachi Alerts / Facebook


Yes you heard that correct, a LIONESS.

Source: Nat Geo Live

As in while the lion slacks off I hunt and feed the whole pride Lioness.


This Toyota Vigo was cruising down Karimabad Karachi with the Lioness chilling in the back while a dude held her by a noose in his hands

Source: Karachi Alert/Facebook

Haters would say its somewhere in Dubai.


The crowd was in sheer awe. I mean how often do you see a lioness in the middle of the road.

Source: Deenga

In the video you can see that there is a traffic jam. I mean what do you expect to happen when people are busy taking pictures of the lioness rather than driving there cars.


Normally you would expect such an animal to panic in such a situation. Maybe break its chain and start a bloodbath in the middle of the street.

Too morbid? Here’s a picture of Hello Kitty to wipe that image from your minds.

Via: Pinterest


The Lioness however appears laid back, not giving a single shit.

Source: Karachi Alerts / Facebook

I mean look at her just chilling like a boss. She’s cool as a cucumber. All jokes aside this does come under animal cruelty.

Just a few years ago an albino tiger while being paraded around in a similar fashion during a political rally died. Moreover this also puts the lives of all those around at stake.

People were obviously shocked

Source: Karachi Alerts/Facebook
Source: Karachi Alert/ Facebook
Source: Karachi Alert/Facebook


You can watch the full video here

Lion spotted near Karimabad, #Karachi.

Posted by Karachi Alerts on Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017


According to reports, the Lioness and the dude who is supposed to have take her on the long drive, have been arrested

As per The Times of Karachi Facebook page, the owner named Saqlain and the Lioness have both been taken into custody by the police from  FB Area Block 13.

Source: The Times of Karachi / Facebook


Upon being arrested, the owner spoke to the media about why he was out and about with the Lioness “I have all documents, including the licence. The video is four days old. My lion was sick and I took him to the doctor for a visit in Defence, and was returning home.”


We’ll keep you updated as we find more about Saqlain and the Lioness.

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