Sohai Ali Abro's Latest Film's Trailer Just Dropped And She Might Be The Superhero We All Need

By Sarah Babar | 30 Mar, 2018

Sohai Ali Abro has been around the industry for quite some time, now. And we have pretty much been in love with her for a while



While she’s had a very bubbly, chirpy image before




One we have seen on screen, on the red carpet and in her general life

Source: Excellency Films



Her new film is all set to change that perspective

Source: Excellency Films



The film looks raw, and filled with emotions and scenery

Source: Excellency Films



The story is one where Sohai is breaking stereotypes and going against the norms of society

Source: Excellency Films

Based on the life of Zenith Irfan, the woman who took it upon herself to travel around Pakistan on a bike. And went ahead with her resolve.



The trailer starts off with Sohai sitting with Ali Kazmi where he acts like controlling man

Source: Excellency Films



It then moves into showing Sohai’s struggle with getting into work via public transport

Source: Excellency Films


There is also a blink and miss shot of Sohai in a wheelchair, holding onto imaginary bike handles, that makes us wonder just how badly our hearts are going to break while watching this film

Source: Excellency Films



Even within the 2 minutes of the trailer, she is shown to be facing backlash and negativity from all those around her

Source: Excellency Films



Whether it was at home

Source: Excellency Films



At work

Source: Excellency Films



Or even from the man she is with

Source: Excellency Films



There are glimpses of both happiness

Source: Excellency Films



And sadness in her life

Source: Excellency Films



The film will take us on a journey through Sohai/Zenith trying to fulfill her father’s wish to travel to Khunjerab on his motorcycle

Source: Excellency Films

It seems like such a heartwarming story so far, and we absolutely cannot wait for it



And people are already in awe of it!

Source: @javerriaawan / Twitter



You can watch the trailer here



What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below. Okay byeee ~


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Cover image via Excellency Films

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