We Tried This New Burger Joint In Karachi After All The Buzz And Here's What We Think

By Saad Zubair | 3 Nov, 2017

It seems that every few months or so, new burger joints have popped up in Karachi. Who doesn’t love a perfectly grilled beef patty topped with cheese, tomatoes, onions and other awesomeness between two buns?


We love burgers and we decided to try burgers from ‘This or That’, after seeing so many people talk about it on social media

We ordered the Classic Burger, Mushroom Burger, and Caramelized Onion Burger. Each burger was priced at Rs. 399. Check them out below:

These burgers looked quite delicious, but that’s just about where their appeal ended. I had the Caramelized Onion Burger and it was decent. It was nothing special as I’ve had better burgers before. I’d even put Burger King’s Whopper over this.

My colleague, Iqra had the Classic Burger and didn’t enjoy it as much, either. According to her, he beef was not cooked well. My other colleague, Ather, however, liked his Mushroom Burger.


Opinions on social media were surprisingly quite positive, making us suspicious of their authenticity

One such person was quite satisfied with his order as he posted on a popular Karachi-based Facebook group.

via: Karachi Food Diary/ Facebook

His satisfaction encouraged others to give This or That a try.

via: Karachi Food Diary/ Facebook

One foodie gave quiet a detailed account of his satisfaction with ‘This or That’.

via: Facebook

Another foodie even called his burger “genuinely something special. A game changer”.

via: Karachi Food Diary/ Facebook

Then out came out the critics:

via: Karachi Food Diary/ Facebook


‘This or That’ also sells pizzas and we have yet to try those, but the burgers were a hit and a miss. We’d say there are definitely better burger joints in Karachi as an alternative.


As usual, we decided to Snapchat our experience and you can follow us by scanning this code in your Snapchat


Also, If you want to check out some of the best burgers in Karachi, do read our list here.

And do check out, Hungerist @ The MIX– an awesome tech and food festival on November 11-12.


Cover image via: This or That / Facebook

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