Six Ahmadis Were Shot In Faisalabad Last Night And People Are Asking For Change In Naya Pakistan

By Rameeza Ahmad | 24 Aug, 2018

Hate crimes against Ahmadis are fairly common in Pakistan.

The Ahmadi community has always been sidelined in the country and even the laws in Pakistan are devised in a way that subjugates them. And since even the law discriminates against the community, a lot of people act on their hatred against them.

There are countless examples of the Ahmadi community being a target of hate crime and violence. One of which, most recently unfolded last night, on the second day of Eid in Ghaseetapur, district Faisalabad.

According to reports, an Ahmadi place of worship came under attack last night. It ended with six Ahmadis being shot and wounded.

Till now, there have been no reports of any fatalities as a result of the attack.

The spokesperson for Jama’at Ahmaddiya Pakistan tweeted about the incident.

He talked about how a small squabble was highjacked and used to incite the attack on an Ahmadi place of worship.

And the result was a mob attacking the place of worship and opening fire which resulted in six Ahmadis being wounded by bullets. The news was not picked up by news media outlets which further upset a lot of people.

But people took to social media to raise awareness about the issue and demand change. A lot of people were prompting the new government to take action on the issue and set a precedent against this type of behaviour in the future.

The entire incident was incredibly saddening. And considering it was the second day of Eid-ul-Azha, it was much more heartbreaking. A day which is to be filled with doing good for your fellow mankind was spent by some people trying to harm and terrorize their own people.

With everyone talking about Naya Pakistan, it is important to note that we as a nation must set the course for what we want in Naya Pakistan and what we need to leave behind. It is the people who make up a country and decide it’s fate, so it is up to us to raise our voices and solidify that the killing and terrorizing of Ahmadis needs to stop.

What do you think about this attack on the Ahmadi place of worship? Let us know in the comments!

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Cover Image Source: @nayadaurpk via Times

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