Deepika Might Be His Wife, But Sara Ali Khan Is Ranveer Singh's Perfect Heroine In “Simmba”

By Arslan Athar | 3 Dec, 2018

So, Sara Ali Khan is having a moment in Bollywood. Her debut film ‘Kedarnath’ is coming out this weekend, and now the trailer for her second film, ‘Simmba’ just dropped.

Source: Reliance Entertainment

The film looks like your typical Rohit Shetty film, full of action sequences, buff men and OTT dance numbers.

Source: Reliance Entertainment

The visuals are S T U N N I N G 

Source: Reliance Entertainment

Good looks, good looks aaaaand good looks 

(Wow Deepika, you a lucky girl)

Source: Reliance Entertainment

Sara Ali Khan perfects the ‘girl next door’ vibe so beautifully

Source: Reliance Entertainment

Needless to say, she looks flawless!

Source: Reliance Entertainment

Also, the two stars make quite the jori on screen. 

Source: Reliance Entertainment

They’re TOO cute!

Source: Reliance Entertainment

The music videos are also totally F I R E 

Source: Reliance Entertainment

Sonu Sood is also in the film

Source: Reliance Entertainment

And there seems to a few cameos by Ajay Devgn 

Source: Reliance Entertainment

The trailer does promise an action-packed movie, full of twists and turns. If nothing else, the film definitely has some GREAT aesthetic shots. Sadly for all you Sara Ali Khan fans, there isn’t enough of her in the trailer.

Twitter has figured out the formula of success behind this film 

Memes were made 

Some people were all praise 

Ajay and Ranveer fans were over the moon 

Actually, Ajay fans are just jumping with joy to see their favorite actor back on screen 

While some people are drawing out Sara Ali Khan’s career trajectory 

This is also Ranveer’s first film post shaadi, but that hasn’t stopped the tharak 

And of course, the Simmba-Zero comparisons started

With either side claiming their film is better

Watch the trailer here, if you haven’t already


Let us know what you think about the ‘Simmba’ video.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Reliance Entertainment

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