Pakistanis Are Welcoming Sidhu To Live Here After An Indian Group Announced 1 Crore Indian Rupees Award For Killing Him

By Ramsha Bhatti | 7 Dec, 2018

Pakistan has fallen in love with Sidu paa jee and his constant struggle to support Prime Minister Imran Khan in building grounds for a friendlier relationship between India and Pakistan.


Things haven’t been as nice and prosperous for Sidhu paa jee on the other side of the fence, in his own home country, ever since he has been visiting Pakistan

India’s intolerant nature has kicked in ever since Navjot Singh Sidhu came to Pakistan to attend PM Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony. Sidhu paa jee made it very clear that he came as a Goodwill Ambassador on behalf of his country and Pakistani’s were ecstatic about the visit.


Ever since then, things have been going south for Sidhu paa jee. Many in India have been throwing numerous death threats in his way and have labeled him as a traitor.


Recently, a right-wing Hindu has put a bounty on Sidhu’s life for 10 million Indian Rupees, accusing him of being a traitor

Sidhu called Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a thief in one of his rallies, something which has enraged one of the prominent political parties in India.

Following the incident, Tarun Singh, President of the Hindu Yuva Vahini’s (HYV) Agra division, has released numerous threatening statements in regards to Sidhu. Statements about beheading Sidhu and releasing bounties for his head, all have been said by Tarun Singh.

In an outburst of anger, Singh has also asked Sidhu to move to Pakistan. This was another direct threat as Tarun Singh clarified that he, along with his party members, will not let Sidhu live in India (WTF).



Due to the bleak circumstances for Sidhu paa jee in India, Pakistanis are stepping in to show their love for him

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Seems like Pakistanis have NO problem in welcoming Sidhu to come and live in Pakistan

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They’re even demanding for Sidhu to be given Pakistani nationality

We can even have him in our cricket board and politics. WOOHOO!

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People are actually flabbergasted by the height of intolerance India has displayed

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Not that we’re any different over here, though. LOL


Somebody asked the important question here

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While things may be bad for Sidhu paa jee in India, he sure does have a home here in Pakistan. Pakistani’s have welcomed him with open arms and have promised safety in the country. I think PM Imran Khan should keep Sidhu’s immigration paper’s ready, just in case. Hoping he stays safe.


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