Shop Halal Beauty Products By Lafz Exclusively Available At Rakanaa

By MangoBaaz Studio | 18 Nov, 2021

Beauty enthusiasts! Hasn’t it always been a struggle to find beauty products that comply with our religion? Don’t we all read ingredients behind a gazillion products, and almost always (except the lucky ones of us) end up giving up and picking products away from halal-beauty standards? Thankfully, some beauty brands are now catching up with our needs and introducing halal-certified products for us.

Not sure about the difference between regular beauty products and halal beauty products? Halal beauty refers to products formulated, manufactured, and produced according to Islamic standards and law. In other words, they are free from alcohol or other intoxicating substances, forbidden-animal derived ingredients, or animals not slaughtered according to Shariah, in general, anything defined as ‘najs’ or any impure ingredient. Also, the best part- they are wudu-friendly! This means you can pray with your nail paint on! Isn’t it a dream come true for all of us?

Source: Lafz

With Halal makeup and skincare slowly taking over the beauty world, especially rapidly paving its way in the Muslim world, credible halal-beauty brands are now entering the beauty market of Pakistan.

But first, let’s burst a misconception here first! Are halal-beauty products only for Muslims?

Absolutely not! Halal cosmetics are suitable for anyone conscious of the ingredients used in the beauty products ultimately applied to their skin. Anybody who prefers organic, cruelty-free, harmful chemical-free, and alcohol-free products can opt for Halal cosmetics. Hence, they are perfectly fit for anyone having the above-mentioned concerns!

So, beauty buffs, we have some news for you!

For all who seek to consume consciously and responsibly, you can now shop halal-certified cosmetics and fragrances from Lafz, exclusively available at Rakanaa.

This dermatologically-tested beauty brand is not only internationally certified halal, but organic, vegan, ethically-sourced, and alcohol-free which is formulated free of forbidden ingredients. These forbidden ingredients include any kind of harmful chemicals and haram or najis ingredients.

Source: Lafz

The brand offers an impressive range of products from makeup to skincare to fragrances, both for men and women. From lightweight foundations with weatherproof formulas to silky smooth lipsticks, vibrant nail polishes, and sensational fragrances, Lafz caters it all! And who can forget their ultimate skincare range?

Source: Lafz

So, without any compromise, retain your faith in Islamic values and beliefs while keeping your skin healthy and safe. Shop now at Rakanaa.



Cover image via Lafz

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