Shoaib Malik Just Threw Major Shade At Ahmad Shahzad And Twitter Collectively Lost It

By Sarah Babar | 14 Sep, 2017

We all know and love both Shoaib Malik and Ahmad Shahzad. Whether that love is fluctuating, that’s another story. Obviously, as sportsmen, everyone has their ups and downs, their moments of glory and not-so-good days. And I think we’re a little too hard on our men in green, at times. And with the Pakistan vs World XI series 2/3rds done, everyone’s eyes are on the cricket team, to see how they’re doing.


Amidst all the Hala Lala, and the craziness, Shoaib Malik became the highest test scorer for Pakistan, last night

And people went crazy with tareefein and mubarakein. And for good reason.


One such well-wisher was our answer to Virat Kohli, Ahmad Shahzad, who tweeted the nicest things

Now we’ve all seen that Ahmad’s performance on the pitch has been laced with criticism, injuries, and tanqeed. 


But Shoaib Malik decided to be a leeeettle funny with his reply


It was at this point when desi Twitter couldn’t handle their shit and then eventually lost it

There were those who couldn’t believe it

Like really couldn’t handle it


Some who had words of advice for Shoaib Malik jiii


Some who couldn’t contain their excitement


One bit


Others who thought Shoaib Malik is officially a part of the dark side of the internet


Woh sub tau theek hai lekin Moon Bhai kaun hain?


Of course, there were people coming in to defend Ahmad Shahzad and wish him well too (because, why not?)


And that Shoaib Bhai will see his words come true very soon


Like sooner than soon


And some who were unfazed by had other things on their minds…


We can’t wait for Ahmad Shahzad to come back with a reply, till then, we’d urge everyone to appreciate everyone representing Pakistan on such a big platform. These men need our support, not our criticism. If we keep putting them down, there will be a point where they won’t be able to get back up. And we don’t want that, do you?



So, are you team Shoaib Malik or team Ahmad Shahzad? Let us know in the comments below ⇓

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