Shireen Mazari Just Got The Husband Arrested After He Shaved His Wife's Head For Refusing To Dance For His Friends

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 28 Mar, 2019

Domestic abuse case of Asma Aziz from Lahore is one of the many that go unreported in our country. Asma has been in an unhealthy marriage for four years until she finally managed to escape the torture her husband Mian Faisal used to put her through.


Faisal, her husband, shaved her head, cut all her nails and physically abused her causing an emotional and mental turmoil after she allegedly refused to dance for his friends



After Asma shared her experience with the media, it actually started a conversation about domestic abuse


People started requesting authorities to take strict action against the culprit and teach him a good lesson.


All this outrage on Twitter resulted in a positive outcome when Shireen Mazari, Minister for Human Rights, took notice of the whole case.

Mazari was informed by the SHO of the Police Station Kahna Lahore who registered the FIR and arrested the husband. Medical reports of Asma are still to be submitted to the concerned authorities.


People on Twitter are now asking the authorities to punish him and thanking Shireen Mazari for such a swift response.


Someone said he does not even deserve to be called an animal


Others are also angry at the police officers who asked Asma for money for registering the FIR.

With the Human Rights Minister taking notice of the horrific incident, there is hope for justice being served to Asma, giving others the courage to come out and speak up against domestic abuse.

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This Lahori Woman’s Husband Allegedly Shaved Her Head For Refusing To Dance For His Friends


This Is How Many Women in Pakistan Believe Marital Rape Is Their Own Fault


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