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You Can Be “Cool” But You Can’t Be Sheikh Rasheed’s Face On A Matchbox Cool

You Can Be “Cool” But You Can’t Be Sheikh Rasheed’s Face On A Matchbox Cool

This week has been very eventful as far as the Pakistani political arena is concerned. Past the very eventful Panama Verdict and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification, Imran Khan has called for a massive dharna in Islamabad to show that strength is in numbers. And we all know Imran Khan’s number 1 fan Sheikh Rasheed was by his side through and through.

He celebrated the verdict with just the right kind of comic relief.

And posted jubilant photos on his social media.

This is just…TOO CUTE.

So today, when massive crowds lined up in the summer heat to celebrate justice being prevailed…


Sheikh Rasheed was all about them smokes…


The coolest of them all, Sheikh Rasheed smokes the cigars with his signature nonchalance.

Source: @ShkhRasheed Via: Instagram


He posted another image of him doing just that…

Source: @Shkhrasheed Via: Twitter



Source: @ShkhRasheed Via: Instagram

This time

Source: @ShkhRasheed Via: Instagram

It was 

Source: @ShkhRasheed Via: Instagram



Even the dude in the background is like….WHATTTTTT?

Source: @ShkhRasheed Via: Instagram


Don’t believe us? Here’s further evidence of this being real AF:




People have been going CRAY-CRAY over Sheikh Rasheed smoking Sheikh Rasheed:


Swag level: 10000000000


Pindi boy and proud.


Self love is the only love that MATTERS:



Source: @Twitter


Thank you for the hysterical fits of laughter, Sheikh Rasheed. Never change <3

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