Sheikh Rasheed Said Railway Needs To Be Strong To Defeat India And Indians Have Lost Their Chill

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 2 Oct, 2018

Sheikh Rasheed sahab is being put on blast by trolls… again


Sheikh Rasheed has a tendency to make grand statements and gestures. His theatrics have gone down in history as some of the most entertaining in Pakistani politics.


Recently he made a very interesting statement regarding how Pakistan Railways can be a player in”defeating India”

Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said, “we will defeat India by advancement in railways,” during a media talk at the Lahore Railway Station.



His comment hasn’t gone down so well with people, particularly Indians

Smita Prakash, Editor at the Asian News International (ANI), took it to twitter to express her sarcasm on the comment.


This tweet was enough for the Indian trolls to let loose like this brother from another mother who feels sorry for us

One has to admit that this dam fund joke is rather funny… but only when we make it ourselves.


Indians find it rather funny that defeating Pakistan is dependent on improvement of railways


Some of them went a little too offensive with their “jokes”


They’re digging up old tweets to feel better about Sheikh sahab’s statement


Even questioning “Naya Pakistan”


This guy, however said something good, but we can only assume since we don’t really understand what he said because, Hindi

Can anyone translate, PLEASE?

Via Twitter

Sheikh sahab also mentioned that the railway department has set a target to initiate 10 different trains in 100 days.

“We wish that an industrial zone is made with every major station,” The minister added during his statement. He said that he intends to bring back the old uniform of coolies, reduce the economy class rates and take measures that will “ease” the burden on the railway sector.

But with the way Indians have responded you’d never think that there’s any positive development.


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Pakistanis Think There’s Something Very Off About This Picture That Sheikh Rasheed Shared



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