14 Quotes From The Drama “Shehr E Zaat” That Will Awaken Your Inner Sufi

By Sarah Babar | 8 Oct, 2017

When the drama ‘Shehr e Zaat’ first came out, it allowed people to connect with it on a whole different level. It was highly relatable for people, especially from the younger generation. People who were trying to find their own footing in this big world. People who were lost and were trying to find the path that they were destined to be on. ‘Shehr e Zaat’ helped give them just a little push into looking within themselves as a start to their journeys of self-discovery. Here are just some quotes from the television series that will take you on a mystical journey.


1. On people and their desires

sab bhikaari hain…sab ko mangna parta hai.


2. On love of a Higher, more spiritual kind

Allah ki mohabbat ke siwa, har mohabbat ko zawal hai.


3. On how Allah will never leave your side

tujhe banaya hai uss ne toh kya tujhay chor de ga? Kabhi maa mailay main bachay ki ungli chorti hai? Agar choot bhi jaye toh bacha itna beqaraar nahi hota jitni maa hoti hai.


4. The iltaja to Allah for Him to glance at you and your circumstances

Uss se kaho mujhe dekhe us se kaho mujh per nazar kare…aik baar aik lamhay ke liye…main dekhne ke qaabil nahi hoon per


5. On not needing any other form of love, but Allah’s

jisse Allah apni mohabbat deta hai  


6. On the greed that follows worldly desires

aur jo duniya ki khwahish karta hai


7.  On worldly khwahishaat


8۔ On your self, your ego, your sul



9. On the idiocy of humans that they only worry about questions from society and people…people who don’t care for the time when they will be questioned by Allah

kaisi dunya hai…logon ke ajeeb o ghareeb sawal jawab se kitne pareshaan hain aur



10. On how a human’s ego has the tendency to become so inflated that they end up considering themselves perfect

Pehlay pehlay apnay haath say banaye hue butt say piyaar hojata hai 



11. On stooping down so low in fear of the person you love leaving you

aik shakhs say mohabbat, insan ko kitna majboor kar deti hai. Main nay zindagi may kisi ki parwah hi nahi ki aur ab is shakhs ki parwah ki hai tou mujhay ahsaas huwa hai


12. Speaking about how humans don’t realise their standing in lives till they’re brought down to their knees

har aik ko bhikaari bana kar rastay mai bitha liya hai her aik khud ko maalik samajhta hai.


13. That your existence will always be at the begging end, that they will always be asking for one thing or the other

wujood ke naseeb mai hai bhikaari hona


14. That there will come a time for everyone when they will become beggars…for their zaat, for their wujood, for their Self

aaj nahi tu kal, kal nahi tu parson


What is your favorite dialogue from ‘Shehr e Zaat?’

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