19 Times Shaz Khan Stole Your Nazuk Dil

By Sarah Babar | 11 Oct, 2017

Shazli Hafeez Khan, more commonly known as Shaz Khan, has been one of the most selective, yet diverse actors we have in the Pakistani media industry. He’s only two movies and two drama serials in, but he’s already left a mark on all our hearts. From David in Zid to Daniyal in Yakeen Ka Safar Shaz has only shown growth in terms of his acting abilities. After giving us one of the most critically acclaimed films, Moor, he played an abusive husband in Dobara Phir Se. This Pakistani-American has literally blown us away with the plethora of talent that he’s flown into the country, and we can’t help but be smitten by his skill. He is also an exceptionally good-looking man (MashaAllah, MashaAllah, MashaAllah). And we can’t help but appreciate the man and everything that comes with. So here are just some images of Shaz’s that might make you go weak in the knees


1. Look at him taking our love for him to new heights


2. We mean, who can flex and look into the distance at the same time? We’d just be looking at him

Time to imagine, time to play, the next project is on its way.

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3. Also, Shaz is also all of us with his obsession with meetha

Key to healthy living is diet. #donutpower #vice #cantstop #wontstop

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4. This throwback makes us melt with the aww-factor

#dont #settle #love #chocolate

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5. Let’s get real, please look into those eyes


6. He’s smoking hot indeed

We are here to create. #stills #indiecinema #characters #shorts #features #everything #experiment #fail #grow

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7. Even when he’s broody and playing a character as serious as this, he looks amazing

Source: Mandviwalla Entertainment


8. Look at the intensity on that hairless face

We are here to create. #stills #indiecinema #characters #shorts #features #everything #experiment #fail #grow

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This still is from the movie Flutter. Shaz plays a cancer patient going through


9. Just chilling around with his PHJ fam


10. Who casually looks this good?


11. Especially when they’ve just been caught sneaking in some sour worms?

Got caught red handed… dammit… I maybe an addict #sugar #sourworms #lordhelpme #fatality #babality

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12. Conforming really is lame…so he always looks this hot


13. Check


Source: imdb


14. Him

Theme of life… REEELLLAAAAXXXXX #doingnothing #yetworking #water #serene #float #glide #prepare #execute

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15. Out

Source: Brand Synario


16. MashaAllah


17. Look at him dishing out bucketloads of love for his Nanu

My beautiful Nanu

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18. We don’t know what’s more blinding…the sun or Shaz’s beauty

Coming to live from Palm Springs. #moorthefilm #desertsun #palmspringsfilmfestival

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19. And he’s absolutely completely blown us away in Yakeen Ka Safar

Source: HUM Television Network



Also sorry ladies, he’s (MashaAllah) very very happily married…

We genuinely, genuinely can’t wait to see Shaz in Parwaaz Hai Junoon and to see more of him on our screens in the very, very near future. What’s been your favourite Shaz Khan moment, so far?

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