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Meet Sharjil Baloch, The Man Whose Art Is Keeping The Memory Of Quetta Victims Alive

Meet Sharjil Baloch, The Man Whose Art Is Keeping The Memory Of Quetta Victims Alive

This is part of a limited, annual, series, “14 Days, 14 Stories”, about ordinary Pakistanis who are doing extraordinary things in order to give back to Pakistan.

Sharjil Baloch, a Pakistani video producer based in Balochistan, recently started a wonderful initiative where he decided to pay tribute to the martyred lawyers from last year’s Civil Hospital Quetta attack.

In a series of portraits, Sharjil Baloch has remembered those who passed away in the horrific attack on August 8 last year.

Source: Facebook/Sharjil Baloch

Pakistani writer and journalist, Mohammed Hanif, recently lauded him too for the heartfelt initiative

So we reached out to Sharjil. While talking to MangoBaaz about the heartfelt gesture, he said: 

“It came as a shock to me that a week after the Quetta attack, people seemed to have forgotten about the incident. Yeh mere zameen ke log hain. Mujhe unki yaad dhilani thi. I carried that pain with me for a year. However, I realized that we couldn’t heal the pain. But we could remember the victims. The gesture is a tribute to Balochistan’s artists, and the advocates who have been martyred.”

Via Facebook/Sharjil Baloch

The portraits of the martyrs were displayed at the Balochistan High Court. 

Posted by Sharjil Baloch on Dienstag, 8. August 2017

Additionally, all the martyrs were included in the heartfelt project.

Source: Facebook/Sharjil Baloch

Moreover, Sharjil intends to provide families of the martyrs with prints of the portraits.

Many came forward to salute Sharjil for his gesture

Some praised Sharjil for being the kind-hearted, talented individual he is

And some considered it a “befitting memorial”

Others rightly stated that people like Sharjil restore our faith in humanity

Moreover, Sharjil highlighted how the families should know that their loved ones are remembered. He also had the following message to convey:

“Muhabbat karna na chorein. Uska izhar karein.”

Source: Facebook/Sharjil Baloch

Truly, we could all learn a lot through Sharjil’s work and the message he’s conveying.  Here’s hoping that the families find solace within these beautiful portraits. Additionally, let us hope our countrymen rediscover the empathy that has seemingly dissipated over time.

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Cover image via Facebook/Sharjil Baloch

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