Sharjeel Memon's Blood Samples Cannot Be Confirmed And Pakistanis Are Not Surprised

By Biya Haq | 5 Sep, 2018

The first week of September has been pretty eventful already. Nothing says back to school like a national controversy around alcohol.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar raided the former PPP leader and Sindh MPA, Sharjeel Memon’s hotel room and found bottles of ‘alcohol.’

Source: MangoBaaz

Later on, it was revealed by Sharjeel’s driver, that the bottles were non-alcoholic, and instead, filled with honey and engine oil.

OK. We know a cover-up when we see one.

And just as we thought Memon was going to be accused of being in possession of alcohol, reports of Memon’s blood tests showed no trace of alcohol in the politician’s blood stream.

Yah. OKKKKKKKK. – Which is basically how the rest of Pakistan reacted.

The results were followed by a frenzy on Twitter of Pakistanis going crazy over the validity of the documents. And in the most recent news, it turns out that they were on to something.

According to a statement issued by the Agha Khan University Hospital, Sharjeel Memon’s blood samples were not taken directly from Sharjeel and were instead sent over to the hospital from another hospital.

After seeing the reactions of people on the Internet in regards to the results from the hospital, AKUH released the statement to clear their own name from the situation.

“AKUH did not draw the blood sample from the patient. It is, therefore, not possible for AKUH to confirm whether the sample was drawn from Mr. Memon or when it was drawn.”

So, the mystery of the bottles continues as Sharjeel’s blood samples have yet to be cleared of any alcoholic content. Just saying, the fact that his bottles were filled with honey and engine oil should have been a tipoff.

Source: Ellen

And clearly, Pakistanis are not at ALL surprised by this.

What do you think of the whole incident? Not bad entertainment for the start of Naya Pakistan. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: @SumairaJajja @Ahmad_Online

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