Our Bhabhi, Shaniera Akram Just Perfectly Shut Down A Troll Who Said She's Not A Pakistani

By Iman Zia | 13 Aug, 2017

“When you get married you become part of another family. When I got married I became part of another country – an awesome one.” Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Akram truly is Pakistan’s Bhabhi. The philanthropist has rooted herself deep in Pakistan’s soil and has dipped her toes into patriotism with her never-ending love for the country and its people. Both she and her husband, cricket legend Wasim Akram have always projected their undying adoration for Pakistan, what with their own Akram Foundation that helps the impoverished and not to mention the couple breathing an allegiance that is both infectious and heartfelt.


Source: @iamShaniera/Twitter


A twitter handle @Arze_Pakistan posted a tweet dedicated to Shaniera, as part of a series to celebrate Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day


After Shaniera retweeted the tribute with a lovely, ‘bohut bohut shukriya,‘ a Pakistani responded with a few hateful string of words…


To which she responded in the perfect way!

She declared rightfully that being a Pakistani isn’t about ‘the color of your skin,’ but rather ‘the color of your heart.’


Source: Deedle-Dee Productions


Her tweet gathered tremendous support from Pakistanis


Who found it an opportune moment to commend her


And while others collectively poured out their affection for her stellar admiration for Pakistan



Some encouraged Shaniera to ignore such negativity


And apologized on the troller’s behalf


Truly a #PakistanZindabad moment indeed!


It really was a heartfelt response, and her gushing about being ‘green and white’ has earned her tremendous respect!


Via: Tumblr.com


What did you think of Shaniera’s response? Wasn’t it just lovely!

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