Shan Masala Is Back With A Beautiful Message For This Year's Ramazan Ad

By MangoBaaz Studio | 30 Apr, 2021

Shan Masala just launched a beautiful Ramazan ad with a heartwarming message

Whether it’s turning the tables around the concept of a typical rishta parade or celebrating occasions with your family in different parts of the world Shan Foods and their impressive campaigns never fail to impress. They’ve done it yet again with their latest campaign.


Shan Masala is one of those iconic Pakistani brands that never disappoints and this year their  Ramazan Ki Shan campaign has a beautiful message and we’re loving it

Even the first look at the commercial takes your breath away with a beautiful shot of Masjid Wazir Khan and the sweet air of Ramazan.

Source: Shan Foods/Youtube


The new Shan Masala Ramazan ad is all about celebrating the diversity and love of this month

While the visuals are, undoubtedly, really beautiful…It is the celebration of Ramazan ki Shan that makes our hearts giddy with heartwarming feels (…and the mouth-watering food of course).

Source: Shan Foods/ Youtube


The iftar host in the commercial takes everybody with an unexpected delight and a beautiful portrayal of diversity

Putting forward a beautiful depiction of diversity and solidarity during these tough times, This Shan Foods commercial really brought forth the incredibly important message of ‘diversity and acceptance’.

Source: Shan Foods/ Youtube


The message of love and celebration will tug at your heart strings like nothing else


Source: Shan Foods/ Youtube


With this beautiful message of love and peace, this new Shan Ad strikes the right chords

In these tough times, it is the strength of our communities that keeps us all going. Kudos to Shan Foods for celebrating diversity and the spirit of Ramazan.

Source: Shan Foods/ Youtube


If you haven’t seen the ad yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out here


Do you have any thoughts regarding this beautifully heartwarming commercial? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via Shan Foods/ Youtube

This post has been sponsored by Shan Foods

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