15 Times You’ve Felt Shamelessly Proud Of Being A Pakistani

By MangoBaaz Studio | 7 Aug, 2017

There are and will always be some cringe worthy things that will make Pakistanis, well – Pakistani. But at the end of the day, we know we love them and you know you love them too.

So this year with Independence Day coming so close, we thought instead of complaining about what we hate about our country (which is pretty easy right now), we would celebrate all our #PakistanStyle quirks and everything that we shamelessly love about being Pakistani.

Here are just a few things we do all the time that we could not be more proud of, shamelessly.

1. Slapping the television to make it work.

Source: Giphy

Or turning it off and on only a hundred times in a row.


2. Storing sewing equipment in a fancy biscuit ka dabba.

Iss seh bara dhoka kabhi nai mila zindagi mein. 


3. Putting eggshells on windows to ensure that there are no chipkalis.

Source: Giphy

Um hello, it works. Look it up.


4. Banging the tv remote on the table to “wake up” the batteries. Haha~

Source: Televanddalist Via: Giphy

Becharay bohot sotay hai.


5. All the times we put international faces on brands without worrying about Copyrights and stuff.

A little ashamed but also a little proud lolol


6. Our philosophical and also, zakhmi dil type truck art



7. And the realest hunt for mehboobas on rickshaws…

Wonder who that lucky miss iss.


8. Annnnnd some good vibes on cars, too.

Source: Bajiroo Via: Google

Obv, lolsy.


9. Wearing all fake branded everythangggg.

Source: Movie4you Movie4you Via: YouTube

HONESTLY, who can really tell the difference anyway?

10. Getting extra with merchandize.

Source: Dawn

Lolsy, wonder who they support.


11. SO. Bloody. EXTRAAA.



12. Saving lives, one aunty at a time by saying, “…apka dupatta bahir hai”

The real M.V.Ps.


13. Joggers under our shalwars because WE CAN

Source: Hotfuss44 Via: YouTube

It’s called fashion, friend. Look it up.

Source: Reactiongifs.com Via: Giphy


14. Having too much pride in our country and being obnoxious about it, especially on Chauda Ugust

Source: The Express Tribune Via: Google Images

Sorry but most definitely not sorry.


15. Just being good ole’ fashioned Pakistanis

Source: WebChutney.Pk

If we don’t do it, who else will? Love you Pakistan.


Source: Televandalist.com Via: Giphy

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Love you.

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