Shahid Afridi Just Behan Zoned Sana Bucha After An Awkward Sehri And It's HILARIOUS

By Iman Zia | 12 Jun, 2017

Sana Bucha, upholding the Ramazan spirit, hosted an exclusive sehri for most of the crème de la crème of Pakistani celebdom…and decided to invite Boom Boom Afridi too. While it must have been quite a scrumptious little gathering.


Lala later took to Twitter to thank SISTER Sana (behanzoned) for such a lovely suhoor


You can’t help but notice the slight uneasiness…Afridi’s face pretty much says it all.

Source: @SAfridiOfficial / Twitter

What could he be thinking?


Too many naa mehram…

Source: @SAfridiOfficial / Twitter


Lala’s mind: Help me plz tenks

Source: @SAfridiOfficial / Twitter


Or not…I like dis.

Source: @SAfridiOfficial / Twitter


Just hope my wife doesn’t see this photo, lol

Source: @SAfridiOfficial / Twitter



Source: @SAfridiOfficial / Twitter


Either way, we can’t help feel a little bad for sister Sana who got behan zoned a little too brutally by an all innocent Lala



Sana took to Twitter too later on and appreciated being sister zoned

(Alright Sana, we aren’t buying it but alright).


Lots of Pakistanis couldn’t help but feel a little bad too


Because let’s face it, no one wants to be behan zoned

Certainly not by Boom Boom

Some were quick to defend Sana and Shahid

It did affect others, who felt rather protective of their hero

It’s real Maham…sorry.


While some attacked Afridi’s wifey preferences


Some pointed out this was part of his little cricket tactic


And then we have a few of Lala’s lovers


With some more jealous than others


And this guy asked the question we’ve been dying to ask Shahid bhai


Shahid bhai you’re a meme now, we feel for you.

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