Shaheen Afridi Joins Zero as Brand Ambassador for fast fashion tech accessories brand ZERO

By MangoBaaz Studio | 6 May, 2023

Shaheen Shah Afridi, the 21-year-old Pakistani fast bowler, has been announced as the first brand ambassador for Zero Lifestyle, a new fast fashion tech brand that is launching with smartwatches in Pakistan. The collaboration between Shaheen and Zero is a perfect example of serendipity, where two individuals with a shared vision come together to create something unique.

The CEO of Zero, Daniyal Naaeem, had a vision for his brand to create fashionable tech accessories that appeal to the younger generation – those who start at Zero. Similarly, Shaheen’s vision for his life was to start at Zero and never stop, to become a successful cricketer, and inspire young people to pursue their dreams. The two shared a passion for innovation and a desire to make a difference, and this led to their collaboration.

The launch of Zero’s smartwatches is a significant milestone for the brand, and Shaheen’s involvement is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and style. With smartwatches becoming increasingly popular among young people, Zero’s launch is expected to make a big impact in the tech fashion industry in Pakistan.

The fashion disruption has, perhaps, already begun. A head turner for the masses were the amazing features that were showcased as the company’s website went live for the first time a couple days back. And while Zero smart watch prices in Pakistan have yet to be revealed, it is expected that the all the zero smart watches will be in the price range of 5999 till 9,999.

Shaheen’s involvement with Zero Lifestyle also highlights the importance of collaborations and partnerships in achieving success. By bringing together individuals with shared visions and goals, it is possible to create something truly unique and ground breaking.

With Shaheen’s popularity and influence, the collaboration is expected to redefine the smartwatch market and appeal to the younger generation. It will be exciting to see what other products and collaborations Zero has in store for the future. We have our eyes on the Launch set to happen on the 6th of May!

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Cover Image Via Zero Lifestyle

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