Shahbaz Taseer Just Got Into A Twitter Feud With A Troll And It Got Pretty Out Of Hand

By Arslan Athar | 7 Feb, 2018

So recently, Imran Khan went on air and said that he is the ‘most popular Pakistani EVER’. Some people weren’t too happy with this announcement.

Among those people was Shahbaz Taseer:

Shahbaz went on to list many other very famous Pakistanis like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar.

As things go on Pakistani Twitter, a troll decided to voice his opinion too, and well the joke was in pretty bad taste


Needless to say Shahbaz Taseer felt it and he did respond, however the guy went TOO dark

Like kuch zyada hogaya hai yaar. 

For all our sakes the Twitter phadda ended with this tweet


This one person tried to break up the fight

And well he isn’t wrong. The other Twitter user was definitely in the wrong for bringing up Mumtaz Qadri in this situation- Shahbaz Taseer was bound to respond. However, the way he chose to fight back was rather disturbing.

There was really no need to bring this troll’s mother into this mess, and that too in the way that he did. This type of behavior links back to the misogynistic thinking that exists in our society- if you are to hurt someone, insult their mother and sisters. Bad move, Shahbaz yaar, we love you and understand your anger but that retort wasn’t needed – that troll is a disgusting troll for a reason.

Both of the sides in this ‘battle’ are in the wrong. This tweet-war got out of hand and got pretty ugly.

What do you think of all this mess? Let us know in the comments section.


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