Answer These Questions & We'll Tell You What To Wear This Shaadi Season

By Arslan Athar | 12 Oct, 2018

Shaadi season is here in full force and well everyone is scrambling to decide what to wear.


In Pakistan, anyone who’s into fashion waits for the shaadi season to begin because that’s one of the few chances to wear the most decadent clothes ever

We don’t have red carpets or galas as some other countries so, for a large chunk of the population, it’s the wedding season when they can splurge on clothes, jewelry and get to flaunt their most expensive clothes and dance the nights away.

Source: @harisbilalchaudhry / Instagram


Every year, a hoard of trends are thrown at us to pick from for wedding wear

There are velvets and nets, there are tassels and there’s gotay ka kaam. There’s gold thread work and there’s hand painted dupattas. So much to choose from can definitely be overwhelming to any normal human being. However, since this is a time for many to experiment, it’s imperative to choose some trend.

Source: @elancouturepk / Instagram

Now we know, it is a HUGE decision to decide exactly kya kuch pehan na hai, which is why we’ve made this quiz and easy quiz. Take it to finally decide WHAT to wear this shaadi season.


Will you be going with brocades, and adding a traditional touch?



Or will velvet own and shine through in your collection?

Source: On The Go Designs


Take the quiz to find out once and for all what you want to be trying this shaadi season, fashion wise



So, what did you get? Let us know what shaadi trend you will be going with as shaadi upon shaadi comes on, in these coming months.


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Cover image: @elanofficial via Instagram / @official_mayaali via Instagram

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