Here Are The Most Stunning Locations For Wedding Photoshoots In Lahore And Karachi – You’re Welcome

By MangoBaaz Studio | 6 Nov, 2017

Wedding season is basically here which means one thing –

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It’s time to get camera ready, people.

When it comes to picking a special place to shoot wedding pictures, only one thing matters. Location, location, location. Especially when it comes to being a photographer, this can be one of the hardest parts of the job. Even if you have a handy dandy Panasonic camera, you’ve got to make sure everything from the scenery and lighting to interference and good weather.

Just look at what a difference it makes

(Btw, Panasonic? Yeah, they totally get what photographers go through and if you keep reading, they’ve got a bit of a surprise for you in the article.)

Here’s a list of some of the most perfect locations for wedding photoshoots:


1. Jinnah gardens

Source: Fazeela Jamil Photography

One of the most historic spots in Lahore, Jinnah gardens is the perfect backdrop for a romantic and grand photoshoot. Not to mention the fact that the Jinnah Library is absolutely STUNNING, this place is perfect.

When we say stunning, we mean STUNNING.

Not your average #videographers! #photo #lahore #fun

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2. Cuckoo’s Den

Source: Haleem ul Hassan Via: Flickr

One of the oldest restaurants in the middle of the walled city of Lahore, Cukoos has one of the best views of the Baadshahi Masjid and amidst the history of the old city, Cukoos is a great fit. Plus, when you get hungry their chicken is DELICIOUS.


3. Badshahi Masjid

Speaking of the Masjid, the Badshahi Masjid is one of the most popular wedding photoshoot spots in Lahore. It’s grandeur, history and rich culture is the perfect combination of characteristics for a beautiful photoshoot. Shooting here is basically every photographer’s dream and we’re here to tell you – this is a dream that can easily come true.


4. Wazir Khan Mosque

Source: Explore Pakistan

Right on the other side of the Walled City, Wazir Khan Mosque is just as beautiful as Baadshahi Masjid. What makes it’s different are it’s vivd colours and beautiful architecture. Another popular photoshoot destination, Wazir Khan is another great option.

Just look at how some of the best of the best do it! This is a dream.

Masjid wazir khan with a beautiful bride! @jawbluefish

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5. Joyland


Looking for a fun and unique new location? Joyland is the perfect pick for a fun-loving quirky couple looking for a different twist on a wedding photoshoot.


6. Aitchison College

Source: Daily Pakistan

One of the oldest landmarks in Lahore, Aitchison college is one of the oldest parts of Lahore. Not to mention of the most beautiful. Full of lush land, historic buildings and the whole landscape itself, Aitchison is a great fit.


7. Jehangir Kothari

Source: Dost Pakistan

A mesmerising spot away from all the lights and sounds of the city, Jehangir Kothari is a beautiful place for all couples looking for a spot full of rich culture and heritage.

8. Mohatta Palace

Source: Dost Pakistan

Straight out of a an age-old romantic tale, the Mohatta Palace is a beautiful backdrop for all couples looking for a photoshoot rich in royalty and grandeur. It’s epic, to say the least.


9. Karachi Club Annexe

Source: Habib Fida Ali Architects

Located on the famous China Creek, the Annexe is the perfect location for a modern and stunning take on a romantic starry night. With top of the line facilities and characteristics, the Karachi Club Annexe is fit for any couples who enjoy the exciting things in life. Not to mention, for any photographer – it presents a ton of variety for shots. Everything from the serenity of the water to the modernity of the building.


10. Benazir Bhutto Park

Source: Trip Advisor

One of the most beautiful, serene and peaceful spots in Karachi, the Benazir Bhutto Park is simple yet completely elegant. Great for a wedding photoshoot for any and every couple it’s a shoe-in for anyone looking for a quaint spot.


11. Karachi Boat Club

Source: Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative

A romantic and completely stunning at night, the Karachi Boat Club is a nautical dream to have a photoshoot by. Don’t believe us? Go take a look when the moonlight hits the water.


12. French Beach

Source: Mulpix

Looking for a completely fun and new twist on wedding photoshoots? Ride yourself a new wave and head over to French Beach for a stunning and peaceful beachy vibe. Can’t go wrong ~

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Cover Image Source: The Videographers
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