35 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind If You Go To A Shaadi Just For The Food

By Biya Haq | 8 Apr, 2017

Pakistan has always been big on weddings. Everything from the dresses, locations and themes to the coordinated dances, decor and hashtags. Shaadi culture in this country can be matched with no other country in the world (FACT) (kind of). The extravagance of the events get bigger and bigger every year and it seems like everything is just going to get bigger.

Of course, wedding season (now all year round) isn’t for the faint hearted and does not necessarily appeal to everyone. The one thing that always seems to reel the haters in with however, is the food. Despite the shaandaar one dish rule implemented by our lovely government, shaadi ka khaana is still something that has all the guests swooning.

So if you hate going to weddings but love eating the food, these may be some of the thoughts that are running through your head:


1. Yaaar, shaadi peh nai jaana.

Via: Tumblr

2. Shower leina paray ga.

3. Kapray istrii.

4. Baal bananay paray gain.

Via: Deenga

5. Oh but actually, bhook tho lagri hai.

Source: Tapal Official / YouTube

6. Yum waisay khaaaanaaa shaaadi kaaaa.

7. Keema zaroor lena hai

8. Pulao bhi

9. Biryaaaani… ufff

Via: Deenga

10. Hot naans

11. Waisay why does coke taste better at weddings.

12. Okay challo time for this wedding.

Via Tumblr

13. Jee jeeee, asalamulaikum aunty

14. Where’s the food tent?

Via: Deenga

15. Aw yeah bride looks nice ok.

16. I can smell naaan.

17. I should’ve just stayed home, this is so not worth it.

18. This is taking forever.

Via: Deenga

19. Maybe I should just get some McDonalds on the way home.

20. Jk I smellllllllll pulaaaaaooooooooooo.

Via: Deenga

21. Okay I can see them lifting the lids off of the food, uff yum.

22. Why aren’t they announcing keh khaana lagya.

Via: Deenga

23. Yaar, stop dancing everyone knows the steps to Kaala Chashma bus bhee kardo, bhook lagri hai.

24. Okay no one’s getting up, maybe I should take the lead here…

25. Finalllly, uth ray hain!

Via: Deenga

24. Avoid eye contact with everyone, this is a mission.

26. Okay, ran into 893 people on the way, didn’t know it would take 45 minutes to actually get to the food.

27. Aunty, you see me in line. I am in line. Why are you cutting me are you kidding me right now.

Via: Deenga

28. Jee, please, aap bhee ajayein, I haven’t been standing here waiting for my turn or anything.

Via: Deenga

29. Finallllllllllllllllly.

30. Some saag, a little pulao and the perfect amount of haleem on the side.

31. Time for seconds!

32. And thirds…

Via: Deenga

33. Fou-ok nai, bus, my kameez will rip.

34. Yummm, full. Waisay that wasn’t THAT amazing.

35. Need to get some McDonalds.

Via: Deenga

Are you just as obsessed with shaadi ka khaana? What are your tricks to getting to the plate line faster? Let us know in the comments section! Bohot bhookay hain yaar.


Cover image via: mybigfatpakistaniwedding.com

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