This Pakistani Bride And Her Husband Took Control Of Their Lives On Their Nikkah And It's Admirable

By Alveena Jadoon | 14 Oct, 2017

Generally, couples don’t spend much time thinking about that piece of paper which they are going to sign to mark their marriage and journey for the rest of their lives, together. For many, the first time that they get to witness that paper is on the day of their Nikkah, when they don’t ever really get the time to go over the clauses.

The clause which particularly gets cut off is a woman’s right to divorce. She is granted that right in the religion but certain people feel that it should not be offered to women to begin with.


This Instagram bride just broke tradition by being absolutely open and inquisitive about everything that was in her Nikkah papers

Meet Sundus, she’s a popular Instagrammer. If you aren’t already following Sundus on Instagram, you sure are missing out on a lot.

From perfect pictures to a uniquely mesmerizing dressing sense; the girl knows it all.

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And for all you makeup fanatics out there, her makeup skills are always on point. ALWAYS

Tried this lip color and it's definitely my new favorite. #selfiesunday

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She and her husband are goals and not just because they’re a beautiful couple


Which they really are


There’s this recurring question I get from my family, friends and even the people I’m not on familiar terms with and the question is- how do you know if he’s the one? My answer may disappoint you guys just a tad because it’s the most cliché answer ever. You know, you just do. It’s an instinct; a feeling on the inside. You’ll feel at home when you’re with him. The way he looks at you, it’s all there. Love isn’t just about butterflies in your stomach, it’s about mutual respect and wanting to succeed together in life. It’s about accepting your partner for their flaws and caring for them regardless. You know he’s the one when there’s never a moment of doubt in your heart. Trust your gut feeling; it never disappoints. And when you know he’s the one, you hold onto their hand for life and never let go ? #tbtwithbae #favhuman #hubbae #karachi PC: @effneck

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In a recent Instagram post, she outlined how she and her husband went about their Nikkah

The story of Sundus and her husband is completely different to most people’s. Her husband, Naheer, wanted them to go over their Nikkah papers and understand what each and every clause means. He wanted it discussed with the families, and also establish what they were signing up for.

This was only to ensure that nobody gets to make this choice on their behalf on their wedding day.

This is very important. I distinctly recall, we had just set the date for our nikkah when my fiancé at the time told me we had to have a talk about nikkah papers followed by a link to an article that gave me a rough idea about what he wanted to talk about. I honestly didn’t take it too seriously until I skimmed through the passage and boy did that make me furious because everything I read was so damn true. When do women actually get to see the nikkah papers- when they’re about to sign? And what exactly is it that we are signing? What does it even say? Naheer and I later had a talk about how we were going to go on about filling out the papers and decided that we were going to go through them with our families first. Later, we went over them together making sure we were on the same page. Point being, we made sure that we as a couple knew exactly what was in those papers and what it is that we were signing AND most importantly, the maulvi wasn’t crossing out what HE thought was irrelevant which is almost usually the portion with the rights of a woman in marriage. That being said, if you are getting married, I suggest you have a talk with your partner because this is crucial. I can’t believe how oblivious I was to the fact that maulvis in Pakistan are notorious for crossing out that specific portion but thanks to my now husband who walked me through this whole process! Also, I’m attaching that same article at the bottom of this post as well. Please read even if you yourself are not getting married anytime soon because it could be helpful information for a cousin or even a close friend that maybe tying the knot in the near future! P.S. thank you @palwashaaminhas for this beautiful picture ♥️ (won’t let you click on the link but if you’d like to read it, let me know I’ll DM it to you instead)

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It is amazing that she felt the need to discuss it, because positive precedents need to be set. People often do not question anything when it comes to such issues.

Follow her on Instagram and get inspired by the beautiful way she describes the story of her life.

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