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This 19-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Using Art To Help The Less Fortunate Will Inspire You

This 19-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Using Art To Help The Less Fortunate Will Inspire You

As Instagram culture booms, people have the option to either build each other up or tear each other down.  For Husna Burki, 19, the social media platform is an opportunity to help those in need.

source: Husna Burki

Husna has recently started an Instagram page by the name of “Paint For A Change” where she sells paintings at affordable prices.


What makes Husna’s Instagram unique is that she donates all the proceeds she makes from the paintings to charity. She told MangoBaaz: “I made the page not to gain any form of money for myself, but to rather use the money for all the right reasons. Therefore, I decided that all the money from every single purchase will be donated to Shaukat Khanum (and other future charity events).”

How thoughtful of her!


Source: Aqsa Naveed

Husna lives in Norway and visits Pakistan every year. She says that “Every time I am in Pakistan, I am always reminded to use my blessings to help others, thus the reason I made a charity campaign. My Instagram page ‘Paint For A Change’ is a social platform where painters can sell their work for a great cause. All the money will be donated to Shaukat Khanum, which as you know, is a cancer hospital in Pakistan. I paint my own paintings as well as requesting other painters to donate their work. Currently, I am in search of painters that are willing to donate their work and spread the cause to other artists.”


Source: Aqsa Naveed

So to all of you artists out there, this is a great chance for you to put your art to very good use and a great cause!

Source: Aqsa Naveed

Husna aims to give young Pakistanis hope and inspiration that any sort of contribution to society makes a great change.


If you would like to donate or purchase art, contact Husna through her Instagram page “Paint For A Change”.

cover image source: Husna Burki/Aqsa Naveed


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