Here’s The Complete List Of Mouth Watering Sehri Deals In Lahore That You May Need This Month

By Urfa Bhatti | 19 May, 2018

Now that Ramazan has started, so have the festivities and grand buffets. If you’re looking for Sehri suggestions in Lahore, here is everything you need to know. This list will be constantly updated to reflect any new deals that spring up and has been organized alphabetically for convenience. Tag your squad and make a sehri plan. Leave reviews of your dining experience on our website and earn restaurant discounts. FYI we also have an app coming soon, so stay tuned!


Baranh- as in the number twelve- is an eatery that draws inspiration from Old Lahore’s heritage and pays homage to its rich indigenous cuisine. The old city is identifiable by the iconic 12 Gates hence the name Barańh. This eatery is open for Sehri daily from 1:00 to 3: 30 a.m. and offers a Sehri special menu.

Source: @Barahn/ Facebook

Billy Bunters

Billy Bunter’s exclusive Sehri Platters offer something for everyone. Whether you want a big fat desi Sehri complete with Anda, Paratha, Lassi, Qeema, and Buhjiyah or you want something protein-rich and carb-free like steak and eggs, Billy Bunters has got you covered.

Source: billybuntersofficial/ Facebook


Bovinoes is now open for sehri and serving special platters.

Source: @Bovinoes/ Facebook

Bundu Khan

The outlets in Liberty and Moon Market will be open for Sehri and serving all sorts of glorious desi nashata essentials like Nihari and Halwa, Puri, Chanay. 

Source: Bundukhan/ Facebook

Cafe Barbera

Enjoy Cafe Barbera’s breakfast menu or special Sehri Platter for Rs. 490 plus tax from 1:00 am to Fajr. The Sehri platter includes Beef Qeema, Mughlai Handi, Aloo Bhujia, choice of egg (Pakistani Omelette or Mushroom Omelette ), Fresh Fruit Yogurt, Paratha /Bread Basket and Mineral Water.

Source: @CafeBarberapk/ Facebook

Chaaye Khana

The Lahore outlet was previously briefly closed for renovation but has reopened and is serving their signature breakfast menu for Sehri.

Source: @chaayekhanalahore/ Lahore

Daar Cheeni

Daar Cheeni is offering a Sehri buffet for Rs. 895 plus tax from 1:00 am until Sehri from Friday to Sunday.

Source: @daarcheeni/ Facebook

Eataly Ristorante

Eataly is open for Sehri daily from 12:30 to 3:30 a.m. and is offering a special sehri menu.

Source: @Eatalylahore/ Facebook


From Ramazan 11th to the 20th Espresso will be open until 2:00 am, whereas in the last 10 days of Ramazan it will remain open until 3 am. Although there are no specific Sehri platters being offered at Espresso, you can choose anything from their breakfast or main menu.

Source: @espressopk/ Facebook

Gloria Jeans

Source: @GJCBTL/ Facebook

Jade Cafe by China Town

From midnight up to Fajr, Jade Cafe will be open and serve their regular breakfast menu and two new special Sehri thalis for Rs. 850 plus tax. The Nihari Platter includes Nihari with Kulchas and Naans, Yogurt and a choice between Mixed Tea or Mint Lassi. Meanwhile, the Classical Sehri Thali includes Lacha Paratha, Smoked Qeema, Aloo ki Bhujiya, Suji ka Halwa, Achar, Fruit Yogurt, Chicken Ginger, Khara Masala, Omelette, and a choice between Mint Lassi or Mixed Tea.

Whatever is Mint Lassi anyhow? We are extremely intrigued and definitely want to try it out.

Source: @jadecafedha/ Instagram

Karachi Kanteen

For Rs. 799 plus tax, Karachi Kanteen is offering a price fix Sehri menu.

Source: @KarachiKanteen/ Facebook


Mocca is serving Sehri daily from midnight until Fajr. The selection includes an array of breakfast platters and healthier alternatives.

Source: Moccacoffee/ Facebook

Manji Munch

If you’re looking for desi street food and dhaba feels, the Manji Munch will be open for business from Iftari to Sehri serving a selection of stuffed naans, BBQ, karahais and Sehri essential- elachi wali chai.

Source: @ManjiMunch/ Facebook


Monal is serving a Sehri buffet from 11:00 pm to Fajr for Rs. 990 plus taxes.

Source: @monallahore/ Facebook

New York Coffee

Enjoy 20% off on the a la carte main course items for Sehri at the New York Coffee.

Source: NYCoffeelhr/ Facebook

Pataka Boti

Serving dhamakaydaar desi food year-round, Pataka Boti will also be serving Sehri this year. Their Sehri menu has yet to be released but we sure hope that it features their infamous Maa Jee Ki Nihari and their fiery red Pataka Boti.

Source: @patakaboti/ Facebook

Scafe Bistro

Scafa Culinary School has opened up a new Bistro that serves gastronomical delights certain to appease even the pickiest of eaters. The joint will remain open all night long, right from Iftar up until Sehri. Here is their Sehri menu:

Source: @Scafebistro/ Instagram

Spice Bazar

Spice Bazar will be offering an elaborate Sehri Buffet very similar to their Sunday Brunch for Rs. 1395 plus tax.

Source: @spicebazaarpk/ Facebook

Shaahi Baithak

Enjoy Sehri made by the iconic maestros of the Old City at the Shaahi Baithak. The Sehri Thali at Shahi Baithak is for Rs. 850/- and includes halwa, puri (x2), channay, lassi, qeema tiki and naan/ paratha.

Source: Mangobaaz

Shahjahan Grill

Source: Shahjahangrilllahore/ Facebook

Sweet Affairs

For Rs. 1199 plus tax enjoy a delcious three-course prix fixe Sehri at Sweet Affairs.

Source: @sweetaffairs/ Facebook

Tapas Fusion Bar

Enjoy Sehri Buffet for Rs. 799 plus tax at Tapas Fusion Bar.

Source: @tapasfusionbar/ Facebook

Tierra Nuestra

Tuerra Nustera is serving Sehri Buffet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. for Rs. 599/- plus tax per person.

Source: @tierranuestrapk/ Facebook

Thanda Garam

If you’re on the lookout for healthier Sehri alternatives, Thanda Garam will be open from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am and offering their signature drinks as well as a curated Sehri menu.

Source: Facebook/ TGThandaGaram

The Burning Giraffe

Looking for a place where you can chow down a delicious desi platter loaded with flaky parathas and makhani karahi while your friend who still refuses to get off their keto diet even in Ramazan can order an English egg-centric breakfast? The Burning Giraffe has you covered with various Sehri options.

The English Tea House

The English Teas House will be serving exclusive Sehri platters as well as their regular breakfast menu and certain items from their Main Menu.

Source: @EnglishTEaHouseLahore/ Facebook

The Pantry By Polo Lounge

Both outlets of The Pantry will be open daily from 12 am until Fajr and will be serving a Sehri special menu. The last call for order is 45 mins before Sehri time and reservations are recommended.

Source: @ThePantrybyTPL/ Facebook

The Urban Cafe Yoglicious

The Urban Cafe Yoglicious is open for Sehri daily from midnight until Fajr and serving both their breakfast menu and their regular a la carte menu.

Source: @TheUrbanCafeYoglicious/ Facebook

Tuscany Courtyard

Sehri will be served only on Friday and Saturday nights from midnight up util Fajr.

Source: TuscanyCourtyardLahore/ Facebook

Urban Kitchen

The Urban Kitchen is offering a la carte Sehri only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Source: @UrbanKitchenLahore/ Facebook

Let us know in the comments below where you’re headed and which one is your favorite spot. Happy eating.



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