Pakistani Men Are Pissed About Not Being Able To Scratch Their Balls In Public After This Disgusting Video Went Viral Last Night

By Rameeza Ahmad | 10 Dec, 2018

Men cannot believe that them scratching their balls in public is inappropriate. 


Popular internet and women’s rights lawyer Nighat Dad tweeted yesterday about a man sitting next to her on her flight who continuously scratched his privates, to the point that he made her incredibly uncomfortable.

According to her, he scratched about 15 times in 5 minutes. And anticipating that people would ask her to show proof to her claims had she merely tweeted about it, she had the foresight to make a video.


Once Nighat tweeted about her experience, it started a big conversation with a lot of women sharing stories of the same experiences they had.


And women talked about how uncomfortable the act of men touching themselves in public was for these women.


But then came the ‘ghairat’ squad

And they were not outraged about the fact that a man was so openly scratching his balls in public, but about the fact that Nighat had the nerve to actually record him and ‘invade’ his privacy.

It’s important to remember that Nighat did not capture his face in the video and hence his identity was protected. She merely caught the act on camera to show people how this is an issue. The story and video aren’t even about one particular man but a general problem; men scratching their privates in public spaces is a big issue. And her tweets started a conversation that is much needed.

It is also interesting to note that she already clarified that she captured the video because people ask for proof every time someone shares concerns about harassment but upon being given proof she was continued to be vilified.


Some people were unconvinced and tried to justify his actions by pointing out that he might have had an infection which lead him to scratch his balls in public so much.


While people online might have believed it was no big deal, it comes as a pleasant surprise that PIA and the FIA appeared to think that it was indeed a big issue.

Upon the plane’s landing, officials were on standby to take action against the man. And to those who are pissed off at Nighat, let’s remember that Nighat is a pretty brilliant lawyer and she probably knows her stuff. She even cited the law which the man was violating by scratching his balls in public.


This entire incident and the following debate reminds me of the conversation where men defended those who masturbate in public using the ‘mera jism, meri marzi’ argument.

Using a chant which feminists have used as a war cry against men who harass or rape women to justify men fondling themselves in public is just plain wrong. There is a fine line between ownership of your own body and using your body in a public space to make others uncomfortable.

I for one think Nighat was completely in the right, she pointed out a behavior which is not only inappropriate but makes women uncomfortable. However, we are expected to accept this behavior and not say a word because male entitlement in public spaces dictates that men can do whatever they please in public and women just have to deal with their behavior.

Nonetheless, I am glad this conversation was started and provided an instance of introspection for those who believe these actions are harmless and a right for men.


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