13 Reasons Why You Definitely Need A Scorpio BFF In Your Life

By Maha Butt | 24 Oct, 2018

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is represented by the scorpion. Having a Scorpio BFF comes with many advantages. If you’ve got one in your life, you better hold on tight. Here’s why s Scorpio BFF is a true gem to keep around:

1. They’re intense and passionate

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Scorpios can be extremely passionate about their relationships. They tend to keep their friends close and for them, a BFF would be the most important person in their life. They invest all their time and thoughts because any relationship is for the long-term. Although they make take time to open up once they connect with you, they would deeply want to know you.

2. They’re loyal AF

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For a Scorpio, loyalty means everything. Their intense loyalty means they will stand by your side no matter what. A Scorpio will be a devoted friend and similarly, they shall have many expectations from you. Expect a Scorpio BFF to have your back!

3. They’re like a mystery you have to solve

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Suspicion is something that would define them. Scorpios would never trust easily and doubt your intentions in the first place. Earning the trust of a Scorpio could be a great deal of a task. But once successful in doing so, one will have a friend for life.

4. They could basically double as detectives

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Oh, they definitely have a jasoosi tendency. They can easily identify a liar within their radius. This is because honesty matters a lot to a Scorpio. They want an honest and trustworthy buddy. If your friendship is going downhill get ready for a serious confrontation with them demanding for answers. And if, by chance, you lie to them, expect them to cut you out from their life. Ahem, straight away deleted.

5. Unraveling a Scorpio is a fun task on its own

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Those expecting Scorpios to be the khuli kitaabs like other zodiacs may be mistaken. It takes time to understand them on a deeper level. They are cautious and will open up with time if they feel you are trustworthy. Expect them to be the silent observers. Peel each layer of a Scorpio and you will be shocked to discover a new side every time.

6. They are fun to be around

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Scorpios love to chillax with their friends. A happy time for them would be with their besties – wherever that may be. Crazy night out? They’re down? Playing games at home? Yep, still down.

7. They’ll double as your bodyguards

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Alert, temperature soaring! Nobody would want to mess with a Scorpio BFF. They’re masters at phaddas and will always look out for you. ALWAYS.

8. They’re super supportive

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A Scorpio BFF will be possessive and fiercely defensive about his or her close friends. Moreover, they’ll always be there to listen to your problems and help you out. They will never expect failure from you, and will encourage you to get up again and start over.

9. They may forgive, but they never forget

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Even if you’ve forgiven someone who’s wronged you, they won’t. Ever. They’re making a list and checking it twice. Just for you.

10. They have a unique yet sarcastic sense of humor.

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Humor common to Scorpios is wry, dark and prone to sarcasm. The keen observers that they are, they tend to be extremely humorous. Tanzia mazaaq, uff. 

11. Scorpios stick to their word.

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Scorpios are people who stand by their word and can’t stand people with hypocritical ways. When they make a promise, always expect them to deliver. Wada wafa karte hain.

12. They know who they want to be around

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Scorpios are private individuals with a small group of friends. They’re choosy about who they become friends with – so if you’re one of their BFFs, you’re practically the chosen one.

13. They love carefully at first, and then with intensity

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While it takes time for them to wrap their head around letting in new people, once you’re in, you’re in for life.

Does your Scorpio BFF carry the same traits? Let us know if you have a similar bestie.


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