13 Things Only Someone Who Says “Sorry” A Lot Can Relate To

13 Things Only Someone Who Says “Sorry” A Lot Can Relate To

Do you ever find yourself saying sorry for stuff you don’t need to say sorry for! It’s your best friend’s fault but guess who’s apologizing, yup that’s right, YOU.

Even stuff that doesn’t need a muaafi you’re basically apologizing for. Life isn’t easy and here’s how:


1. You’re always getting asked why you say sorry so much

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2. You’re always worried about saying sorry for something

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3. Yaar, mein kuch zyada tou nahin bolo?

*typing out sorry wala message*

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4. Saying sorry to the waiter for asking for extra ketchup

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5. Or sorry to the rickshaw driver

Bhai, sorry bas yahan se left le le

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6. You say sorry for taking an extra serving at a Dawat

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7. Saying sorry for bringing someone their chai a little late 

They really could have waited 5 minutes but NOOO you had to apologise

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8. I’m so sorry I still don’t get what you’re saying! 

Well it isn’t your fault they mumble so much

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9. When someone shouts at YOU because they’re pissed off at someone else, but guess who feels bad?

Yup, YOU!

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10. Whenever someone’s seems a bit off, you immeadiately say sorry for no good reason!

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11. You apologise for your opinions! 

Yaar I don’t like that restaurant!

WHAT?! Are you dumb!

Acha acha I’m sorry!

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12. You say something mean to someone and immeadiately say sorry

Bharam tou banti hi nahin hai tumhari! 

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13. Lastly, you apologize for apologizing so much

OMG, stop saying sorry!

Okay, Sorry!


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I feel like I need to say sorry after writing this, ugh what is life.


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