Zaalima, Thank you For Trying But This Brand War Was Just Won By A Condom Company

By Aam Nawab | 22 Apr, 2017

Remember last year when chai wars took over our television screens and the internet? It started with Tapal, followed by Lipton and soon, every other brand with a knack for marketing. Later, we witnessed Nescafe calling chai “old school” aur sub Pakistaniyon ka imaan jaag gaya.

Well now, it’s open season, once again: Coca Cola vs. Chai. Zaalima, this and Zaalima that.


Of course, Coke started it:

Source: Coca Cola Via: Youtube

Ab aisi jagah jahan pyaar ke izhaar se le kar jang ka ailaan chai ke saath hota hai, this was a small feat.


This was followed by Lipton’s (underwhelming) comeback:

Source: Lipton


Here are a few other contenders worthy of a mention:


Coffee, always up for that extra *kick*

Source: Nescafe Pakistan

And the award for the most unexpected comeback goes to…

Source: Pakistan International Airlines


And snarky, oh-so-snarky…

Source: Nestle Everyday

Again, we couldn’t really help but jump in ourselves kyunkay humein attention bohot pasand hai:


Magar zalima, the war has been OWNED by a condom company.

Yes, you heard that right. Apparently the ads haven’t been banned after all but even if they have, abaadi ko control kerna tou hum sab ki zimmaydari hai.


Saathi condoms just posted their ad and it’s basically the best ? BURN ? ever:

Source: Twitter

Fallen tea cups, empty cola bottle and a sathi with your sathi. Now that’s my kinda jam.



Source: Beyond Studios


Cover Image via: Beyond Studios

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