Sara Taseer Is Being Schooled By Pakistanis After An Offensive Tweet About Female Voters

By Ramsha Bhatti | 25 Jul, 2018

Voting has been done and dusted with. Now we sit here in anticipation and wait for the result to roll out. Hopefully, every person has played their part in turning the fate of the country around. On that note, let’s not forget the effort which each voter has put into the matter and has managed to build up the voter turnout.

You guys rock!

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Besides the excessive security, an unfortunate event did take place in Quetta and people were mortified. More than 30 people have been martyred as a police convoy in Quetta was attacked. Almost immediately people started questioning whether Balochistan would actively take part in today’s voting campaign.

But to everyone’s surprise, women in Balochistan displayed A LOT of courage and came out to vote.

The brave women came forward to cast their vote and play their part. Love and support soon came flowing in for the women of Panjgur.

While people were busy celebrating this societal and ideological shift in this conservative territory of Pakistan, Sara Taseer was thinking something along different lines. She took to Twitter to express her thoughts.

Here’s what she shared:



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As soon as this spread, people had to do a double take. Because, you know, the nature of the tweet irked many-a-countrymen.

Basically, people are pissed.

Many believe that it’s a classic case of the elite mocking the underprivileged.

People could not help but call out Sara Taseer for her comment.

Some even called it sexist.

Well, it kind of is.

And of course, personal attacks could not be held back either. 

However, the clear-cut elitist mindset was highlighted.

However, Sara Taseer was unwilling to take her words back. Rather, she thought using a quote (which she kinda misinterpreted and manipulated) would help her cover her tracks.


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But boy, was she wrong! 

Sara Taseer remained undeterred. She continued to defend herself…

giving explanations.

Someone even asked her to delete her scandalous tweet

But she didn’t want to.

However, soon she realized that the tweet might have sparked a national outrage. So she decided to ask her followers about the fate of her words.



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Consequently, people put forward their views.

It was obvious that Pakistanis are pissed AF.

Exhausting? Yes. Unnecessary? Aap batayein.


While votes for the national elections may have closed, numbers are still rolling in for Sara Taseer’s poll. What do you think about Sara Taseer’s tweet and the national response it managed to gather?


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