Sara Taseer Tried To Throw Shade At Bushra Maneka But Pakistanis Weren't Having ANY Of It

By Ramsha Bhatti | 2 Sep, 2018

Sara Taseer has always been a rather vocal woman. During the GE’18, Sara has stated in her tweet that she wouldn’t trust the Baloch women, assuming if they were her household help, to make decisions regarding kitchen duties, let alone trust them with their votes. Needless to say, a lot of hate was directed towards her as Pakistanis were pissed AF about Sara’s demeaning tweet.

Now, she has made Bushra Maneka the target of her mockery and social insults. Yes, the First Lady of Pakistan.

Sara’s belittling tweet came to surface following Bushra Maneka’s recent visit to an orphanage in Lahore.

source: Express Tribune

The mockery infuriated people across the country.

It is never cool to mock or comment on the way a lady dresses. Clothes are a personal choice and are used as a medium for expressing one’s personality. Be it a bikini or a burqa, every woman has the right to dress in whatever way pleases her and should be provided with the environment where she can do so with her will without worrying about such degrading remarks from learned members of the society.

Anyway, many people were quite angry over this.

Feminism teaches equality not just across the two genders, but within each gender as well. Let’s keep that in mind, no?

However, then came another tweet that aimed to clean up her mess.

Obviously, Pakistanis were enraged at Sara’s remarks.

Also, “let’s get with times”?

Then came another tweet, and all of the efforts put into replying to her by Pakistanis went out of the window!

Wait, what?

People obviously came back with retorts.

No, the feud didn’t end there. Sara Taseer came up with a brilliant idea to retort to all the intellectual responses being shared on her Twitter handle.

And…it didn’t sit well.

It’s 2018, can we just stop telling women how to dress up? It really goes both ways.

Now let us know what you think about the underlying issue and Sara Taseer’s tweet? Did you feel think she crossed the line far too many times when she brought up this topic? Or do you agree? Let us know what you thought about her tweets.


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