Everyone's Making The Same Joke About Jethani Sansa Stark At Her Dewar Nick Jonas' Wedding

By Arslan Athar | 3 Dec, 2018

If you watch ‘Game of Thrones’, you know who Sansa Stark is. She’s been through a lot, like the Red Wedding and also holding down the fort at Winterfell. Khair, the actress has been in India for her dewar’s shaadi to Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra.

Source: @priyankachopra / Instagram


She’s been spotted wearing some gorgeous desi wear and we’re totally loving it 

Source: @sxphxt / Instagram


Lo chali mein, apne dewar ki baraat le ke, le chali mein’ 

Source: @sophietcom / Instagram


Sada khush raho beta

Source: @sxphxt / Instagram


Desis took to Twitter to express their joy at seeing Sansa at the wedding 


People just couldn’t believe the news


There were many references about the Red Wedding 


The GoT references were never ending


Obviously we aren’t used to seeing Sansa so happy, especially at weddings


Logon ko khushi raaz hi nahin ayi


The joke was just not ending 


People were finding the silver lining in all the Nickyanka madness

Some people just wanted spoilers for the show

But people were also calling Priyanka brave for calling Sansa over

All in all, Sansa looked absolutely GORGEOUS in her desi attire for the wedding, but honestly, you all need to stop making this joke!

What do you think of Sansa Stark’s look? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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Cover Photo Courtesy: @priyankachopra / Instagram

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