Sania Mirza Literally Facepalmed 🤦🏽‍♀️ At This Urdu Newspaper Headline About Her And Shoaib Malik

By Rameeza Ahmad | 7 Aug, 2018

We all know and love Sania Mirza. She happens to be the entire nation’s bhabi.


Sania and Shoaib Malik’s couple is a national obsession

The couple was married amongst a lot of fanfare. News of their wedding was celebrated on both sides of the border, with the media of both the countries going insane in trying to provide the public with pictures of the couple and their big day.


The two had met each other on several occasions but never got to know one another as such but were definitely intrigued. It was on their third meeting that they got to know one another and their courtship began. At the time, both the sports stars were going through tough periods of their professional careers as Sania nursed tennis related injuries and Shoaib was serving his one year ban.


And because of how much people love her, she and her husband happen to be staples in Urdu newspapers

Everything they do is religiously reported in the news. Even if it’s a post on their social media.


After Shoaib posted this picture of him and his wife, referring to Sania Mirza as ‘bae’, a lot of hearts melted


And looking at the commotion, an Urdu newspaper picked the piece up. But, things got a little lost in translation

The newspaper that picked up the story, thought that Shoaib had given Sania Mirza the new name of ‘Bae’.

They didn’t understand that bae is a term of endearment couples use for one another. And kind of assumed that it was a unique name Shoaib had come up with to now refer to his wife as. They further elaborated on the headline and wondering why Shoaib had referred to Sania as bae. They then translated bae into Urdu, stating that it means ‘above anything else’ and then ended with the assumption that Shoaib referred to Sania as bae because she was above everything for him.


Earlier, the couple has been through a lot of thought times with various speculation of divorce but recently announced that they are expecting a baby soon and their relationship is going as strong as ever


And to be honest, they weren’t exactly wrong. A lot of people say that Bae means ‘Before Anyone Else’, so in that sense, it was spot on.


Sania came across a picture of the article and tweeted her reaction

A few people were surprised that Sania actually understood the news piece since it was written in Urdu script.


While we don’t know if Sania Mirza can read Urdu or deduced what the headline was through context, there were still a lot of her Indian followers who didn’t get the joke

Do you think Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are relationship goals? Let us know in the comments.


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