Sana Fakhar Talked About Her Shocking Past In Lollywood In This Recent Interview

By Iman Zia | 14 Dec, 2018

Iconic Lollywood actress Sana Fakhar sat down in an incredibly unfiltered and admirably real interview with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid. She spoke about her past, admitting to her regrets and also how her life has changed so much in an interview that has garnered such support and acceptance.


Sana understood that journalists have always “written [her] off” for her Lollywood films that were often condemned for being too vulgar.

She admitted to being young and said there wasn’t anyone to guide her from what’s right and wrong. Interviewer Haroon asked her if she felt she had ever been taken advantage of during shoots, and she implied that she was forcefully pushed out of her comfort zone.

Source: BBC Asian Network


Sana had appeared in many item songs and revealed she had “no idea what [she] was doing.

Sana responded and said that “that wasn’t me, it was my character.” She never believed in most of the work she did, and she grew as a person.

Source: BBC Asian Network


Sana admitted to realizing that she had mustered the courage to say no after a very long – and for that, it’s made it more confident

The actress said she felt she was used as a prop in the more precarious Lollywood era where her sexuality was sold off profoundly for views and entertainment. The actress, having most recently appeared in the drama ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’ wishes to dip her toes in far more powerful characters; women of essence and dignity.

Source: BBC Asian Network


The actress also discussed how old someone is in the industry is severely criticized – “for a woman aging is a sin and seniority is disgusting”

Sana said the society often condemns women who cross 30 and quickly jump to the opinion that they won’t find work anymore. She adamantly declared she’s changing the trend, and proving that age really is just a number – men like Fawad Khan and Humayun Saeed are still going strong – so why aren’t the women?

Source: BBC Asian Network

She ended on a lovely note; “start appreciating people.”


Here’s the interview


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