Sana Bucha, Waqar Zaka And Aamir Liaquat Are Having The Most Disgusting Fight On Twitter

By Sarah Babar | 17 Sep, 2017

Pakistan is no stranger to conflict. Whether it is political or in the media industry. And recently, things got a little messy, all over again, among some very old, very public personalities that one would have thought are dignified people who know how to act like adults.


Let me introduce you to the three “adults” who don’t really know how adults behave:

Sana Bucha


Sana is a Pakistani journalist, war correspondent, news anchor, and as of late, an actress. Sana was also recently sister-zoned by Shahid Afridi.


Waqar Zaka

Source: @waqarzaka / Twitter

A persistent resident of edges, Waqar is a reality game show host and a social media celebrity. He also likes to discuss questionable topics on his Snapchat, sometimes in the nude.


Aamir Liaquat


Of mangoes, motorcycles and Ghalib film, Aamir is one of the most recognisable faces on Pakistani television, with his religious and entertainment (sometimes the same show), shows.


So how are the three related?

Given the recent and unfortunate situation in Burma, Waqar Zaka and Aamir Liaquat teamed up to go and try helping out the victims of violence.


Ever since Aamir and Waqar departed for Burna, there have been rumors of deportation, of arrests, and even one about death

They’ve been updated their social media with pictures and selfies and videos.


Sana Bucha came out with her opinion on the matter, which, one has to concede, was an extremely low blow and absolutely uncalled for

She called the two men creeps and said that the two men should come with warnings such as ‘creep approaching’ and ‘freak show alert’.


Waqar Zaka and Aamir Liaquat both responded to this, and not very kindly



There were also some threats


And, well, this


People came out in throngs to support their side

There were obviously Aamir bhai supporters



And Waqar’s too

Like this newly converted fan


And this brave, brave man


And some supported Sana amidst the e-tussle


We don’t know what is going to become of this story but keep locked in right here for any and all updates from the three. Till then, aap hi bata do what you think of everything that’s going on in the comments below. ⇓⇓

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