Salman Khan Said War Is No Solution To Conflict And People On Both Sides Of The Border Went Crazy

By Sarah Babar | 17 Jun, 2017

Salman Khan isn’t known to be someone who believes in political correctness. While he may be making mass appeal movies, his actions are always certain, and almost always controversial. He made a groundbreaking film that promotes peace between India and Pakistan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and now he’s overtly said that he’s an advocate for this peace.


In a recent interview, Salman was very open about his opinions on war, conflict and what it really takes to achieve peace

“I think those who order it (war) should be put at the front, and be given guns and told to fight. It will be over in a day. Their legs will start trembling, their hands will start shaking and they will be back to the discussion table,” he said.

Source: Times Now


Salman clearly believes that dialogue is the only solution to solving political conflict

Everyone who mongers war needs to be ready to fight themselves, and put their lives at risk, too. If not that, then they should quietly sit down at a table and sort matters with diplomacy. The brothers’ father, veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan, also supported his sons, saying that these are the words of all historians who have seen their share of bloodbaths and wars. War is never the solution.

Source: Salman Khan Films/Kabir Khan Films


Clearly, this didn’t go down very well with anti-Pakistan, far-right, regional political party in India the Shiv Sena

The Shiv Sena, led by Bal Thackeray’s son, Uddhav Thackeray, was of the opinion that Salman was crossing his boundaries while making statements and that he needs to learn to not cross his boundaries. Whether it was the ban on Pakistani artists working in India or the deportation of Pakistanis from India, after the alleged Uri attacks, Shiv Sena has always been at the forefront of anti-Pakistan sentiment.

Shiv Sena Leader Uddhav Thackeray. Source: TopNews


Some nationalists were riled up with Salman’s message of peace

Or not, depending on how you expect people to really be always triggered or looking for peace.


While the majority showed how much they agreed with him


Amidst all the controversy, this guy pointed out the facts

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