Salman Ahmed Tried Doing Push-Ups Like Imran Khan But The Internet Noticed And It Was Brutal

By Aam Nawab | 31 Oct, 2016

Earlier today, Imran Khan, along with some of the other prominent PTI members, did over 40 push-ups at his residence in Bani Gala; a subtle reference to the government’s absurd decision to bar the players from doing push-ups after winning a match.

While the entire internet went crazy over Imran Khan’s incredible fitness level even at the age of 64, Salman Ahmad’s hilariously anguish-laced attempt to jump on to the bandwagon got a little sidelined.


Salman: “I smile to hide that pain”.


One could, however, easily discern the look of pure what-the-hell-have-I-gotten-myself-into on Salman Ahmed’s face.



Pakistani social media, as has been a norm for gaffes like this, did not spare  the poor Salman Ahmed and the consequent tweets, posts and memes were savage AF.

Here is a glimpse into some of them.

Source: Sarcasmistan
Source: Sarcasmistan


Some, like us, just couldn’t figure out what Salman Ahmed was up to

While others were concerned about Salman’s health post-push-ups

Some exercise “experts” even raised concerns about Salman’s form 

And this one pointed out how Salman was actually pretty relatable to all lazy asses

This guy figured out the actual push-up strategy being used by Salman Ahmed

Oh, and as always, there were brutal jabs at the Junoon break-up

People were honest about their reaction to Salman bhai doing push-ups

This guys knows how real the struggle was

And this one couldn’t help but think that Salman would’ve probably regretted escaping his arrest

Oh boy, this:

This person reminds everyone how inspirational Salman really is

This guy asks the important question:

And this one says what all of us really are thinking:

Are we, though?


Here is the video for those just emerging from under their rocks:

Salman Ahmad, you da real MVP. Very inspirational.


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