Sajid Hasan Is Alerting People To Visit Trustworthy Doctors After His Surgery Left Him Badly Injured

By Sajeer Shaikh | 4 Feb, 2018

Pakistani actor, Sajid Hasan, is widely known in Pakistan for his strong on-screen presence.


While Sajid Hasan remains a brilliant actor, he’s in the news as of late due to a serious issue. Recently, a rather graphic video has been shared on social media platforms. It shows the adverse effect of a hair transplant surgery gone wrong.

Here’s the video, alongside a message by him, alerting others to be more careful.

In the video, he shows his injured scalp, talking about how he’s suffering. The heartbreaking video has, since then, started making rounds on social media.

People shared it on Twitter…

…hoping people would pick up on the message.

People started hoping for the best for the renowned actor.

However, people soon started picking up on the message as well.

Others wanted the doctor to be named and shamed.

The botched surgery highlights an extremely important issue: medical malpractice.

An article published in Dawn once shed light on more serious cases. On August 10th, 2015, a senior doctor was fined for £212,000 for causing permanent damage to the liver of the complainant’s newborn daughter back in 2007.

Three-year-old Imanae Malik was admitted for a burn wound in 2009. She died after doctors administered injections which proved to be fatal.


There are countless more cases of medical negligence.

Some are reported but ignored. Others go unnoticed altogether. However, medical malpractice is a serious issue – one that has killed before and will continue killing in the future, lest we raise our voices. Sajid Hasan’s case is extremely unfortunate and we wish him a speedy recovery. However, let’s use this high-profile case to raise our voices against malpractice within the one profession in which we place our faith wholeheartedly.

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