Sajal Aly Just Told Everyone To STFU About Her Personal Life And Girl You Do You

By Iman Zia | 4 Dec, 2018

Rumors have been rife surrounding close friends Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s relationship for quite some time. Fans have been incessantly pondering over whether they really are just friends, or if they’re more than that. In various interviews with Ahad, he admitted to having a crush on Sajal and has always praised her – be it her acting, her personality or how she’s his best friend.


Source: @ahadrazamir/Instagram


Source: @ahadrazamir/Instagram


Ahad has always been very open, although not explicitly confirming him and Sajal are dating, he has always unfailingly complimented his close friend…


In our own ShowSha segment too, Ahad admitted that Sajal was his crush *cue feels*


Ahad was bombarded at one point, to which he civilly responded that he wishes to respect Sajal and keep things private regarding his relationship with her


Sajal has rarely discussed her relationship with Ahad, which she is perfectly entitled to – I mean, it’s her life guys and it’s incredibly hard protecting your private life when you’re under the spotlight 24/7

The actress has always been a private individual and has shied away from media, rarely giving interviews.

Source: @iambarbarzaheer/Instagram


The only time Sajal did mention Ahad was at the Hum Awards where she said that he was “special” to her


The actress finally opened up about her personal life to publication ‘Tribune’ where she basically gave everyone a SHUT UP CALL (YAASSSS QUEEN)

She was asked about what life is like being in the spotlight, and she responded saying she is first and foremost an “artist.” She said her “personal life is not up for commentary,” and only her work is. She said she was saddened that “most people don’t ask any of this stuff,” implying that she only gets attacked with “irrelevant and silly questions which have nothing to do with [an actor’s] craft.”

Source: @sajalay/Instagram


The actress pleaded on fans to “look at what [she does] as a character in a film or a drama” and not ask about her private life…YOU DO YOU HUNNI

Source: Netflix


What are your thoughts on the actress’s response?



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