13 Quotes From ‘Sadqay Tumhare' That Will Remind You How Beautiful Love Can Be

By Sarah Babar | 2 Dec, 2017

Sadqay Tumhare’ is one of those shows that shakes you to the core, by the time you’re done watching it. The show weaves together the story of two star-crossed lovers. Two souls destined to be one, but who are brutally separated by fate and family. ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ follows the story of two people, Shano and Khalil, who are engaged to be married since they were mere children. While Shaano’s father doesn’t agree to the shaadi anymore, he can’t help the fact that his daughter is irrevocably in love with Khalil. The story then progresses into the hardships that the two face in order to become one.


1. Shano’s first dialogue in the film sets the premise of her character


2. When Shano is speaking to her friend, Humera, about going to a wedding in the family and deliberating over whether Khalil would skip this wedding, just like he skips all the others in the family


3. More conversation between Shano and Humera about Khalil


4. One of the cutest dialogues of the show, this exchange took place between Shano and Khalil


5. The conversation between Shano and Khalil, where she subtly tells Khalil that he is her everything


6. Where Shano gives Khalil full right over her, saying she will go wherever, as long as he’s with her

7. Another poetic dialogue from ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ where Shano waits for Khalil


8. This was one part of the song Shano was singing from Khalil after they were separated, brutally


9. The song further transcends into Shano singing about how no flowers blooming in the world mean anything if her heart has withered with Khalil


10. One of Shano’s many acts of defiance in front of her mother, where her mother was telling her to ask Khalil not to come


11. While Shano’s acts of defiance got more aggressive, so did her resolve to be united with Khalil or die in the process. Her mother asked her what she intended on doing if she was married off to her cousin, Fahad


12. Shano yearning for Khalil to enter the house, praying for his arrival after every namaaz


13. And lastly, the most iconic dialogues from the show, Shano’s take on muhabbat



What’s your favourite ‘Sadqay Tumahre’ dialogue?

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