Here's Proof That Sadaf Kanwal Is Pakistan’s Answer To Kendall Jenner, Case Closed

By Iman Zia | 10 Apr, 2018

Sadaf Kanwal is one of the best models we have right now. She’s toplining the grandest of the grand fashion brands, is on the front page of almost every couture magazine and has an effervescent personality that’s swiftly winning the hearts of many (we already ADORE her)! And while there’s no one close to her in Pakistan, we’ve noticed her uncanny resemblance to international model Kendall Jenner, not just in style but in manner, traits, and character!




Both Sadaf and Kendall are top models in their respective home turfs


They legit SLAY their fashion shoots


They’re the very top of their game…

You’ll see Sadaf on almost every billboard and Kendal respectively too abroad!


They absolutely ADORE their chokers



They aren’t afraid to think outside the box and dare to experiment with clothes off-duty

It’s not just when they’re off duty, their photo-shoots are just as daring and experimental

Their red carpet looks are similar AF with a collective adoration for asymmetrical gowns…

They LOVE dinner posing (and legit, who doesn’t)?

They have very similar style, with a love for the famous Gucci belt you’ll often see both sport…


And off-shoulder tops!


Oh, and they can’t live without black

Pretty sure both models have a wardrobe that’s 90% black.


Their selfie game is on point AF

They’re both proper wanderlusts and are almost always on vacay living the dream!

They’ve both got their own model gal squads


…And have that one bestie they can both each rely on!

Kendall’s bestie is Hailey Baldwin, while Sadaf’s is Sadia Ghaffar!

They both chopped off their locks for shorter dos and look fabulous!

They’ve got a thang for faux fur jackets


Believe us yet? These two are legit twins, and also QUEENS!


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