15 Things You'll Absolutely Relate To If You Love Listening To Sad Songs

By Kashaf | 3 Nov, 2017

I often find myself listening to sad music – okay who am I kidding I’m ALWAYS listening to sad music.  Surprisingly, it makes me feel relieved and happy. Sad music can help you release all kinds of emotions that you may have bottled up inside. Here are some things you will relate to if you love sad music. Put on your favorite sad song and keep reading ~


1. Sad songs can actually be very relaxing and great to unwind to

Source: IRK Films


2. People will constantly tell you that it’s unhealthy to listen to so much sad music

Source: Dharma Productions

but you don’t really care.


3. You have to replay some songs multiple times because you start to reflect and zone out and haven’t been appreciating the song enough

Source: Fox Entertainment


4. Your soulmate will be the one who shares the same sad music as you

Source: Mandate Pictures


5. Sometimes you start to crave it….

Source: Deenga


6. Your friends hate you sometimes when they’re jamming fun songs in the car and you kill the mood with your amazing yet emotional songs

Source: ARY Films

before you know it everyone in the car is crying.


7. You prefer listening to music all alone with your headphones on

Via Tumblr


8. You deal with your sadness by listening to sad music but you also listen to sad music when you’re super happy???

Source: Warner Bros.


9. You love making sad song playlists for your friends when they’re going through tough situations

Source: Dharma Productions


10. Listening to some sad songs makes you nostalgic of old memories and makes you feel all tingly inside

Via Deenga


11. You love crying to your favorite sad song

Source: Balaji Telefilms

Try it out. It’s really fun.


12. You are constantly looking for that ONE song that you can relate to on a personal level

Source: Alloy Entertainment


13. When you’re sad and you start listening to the saddest songs in your playlist so you can feel sadder

Source: Chernin Entertainment


14. Your playlists can look something like this

Source: deezer


15. You love memorizing all the sad lyrics and interpreting them in your own way

Via Tumblr


….and so you can sing them at the top of your lungs

Do you love sad songs?


Cover image via: shiningpak.blogspot.com

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