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This Indian Designer Just Took Over Pakistani Wedding Season And We Are In Love

This Indian Designer Just Took Over Pakistani Wedding Season And We Are In Love

We can all agree that Sabyasachi is basically on every girl’s Shaadi outfit wish list. Whether it’s for your own wedding, your sister’s or your best friends, who doesn’t want to be walking into that wedding hall, in one of these beauties?


Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee seems to have taken over Pakistan this year with a growing number of brides, bridesmaids and even guests wearing his ethereal designs

And friends, you know what’s better than a Sabyasachi stunner? Pakistanis, in Sabyasachi stunners, of course. Please, observe.

Just LOOK at that lengha. Also extra points to those of you who spotted the little haathis.

Have you ever seen anyone looking more elegant? The white paired with the emerald jewels is perfection. EFFORTLESS.


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Ruby red velvet and again some, ADORABLE haathis? Sabya, yes. SO much yes.

Pretty pastels in the winter is one of the best things about shaadi season please refrain from arguing.

SO STUNNING. Just btw, the jewels are from Sabya too. WOW.

And hey, before everyone goes crazy talking about how he’s an ‘Indian designer’ and that we should celebrate our own artists, NEWSFLASH! We can appreciate good fashion from around the world without the India Vs. Pakistan subtext. (Which we have, btw).

So let’s just all sigh in awe and admire the craftsmanship that has gone in every single elegant piece brought to the world by the genius that is Sabyasachi. Love you.

Have any words on the designer?On his designs? What was your favorite look? Want to wear them all around your house pretending like you’re some sort of Maharani princess/queen?


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