Saba Qamar's Advice For Getting Over A Break Up Is What Every Broken Dil Needs

By Arslan Athar | 11 Feb, 2019

We all know Saba is a freaking QUEEN. She’s absolutely magnetic on screen and even off-screen, she’s bold, unapologetic and just always herself. Her most recent interview with Tribune has given us one more reason to love her.

The actress spoke candidly about how she defines love and how she got over her break up. 

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“I have been single since 2011 but that breakup was life-changing.” Saba had a lot of ‘getting over’ to do and had tried everything possible to move on. Saba eventually turned to yoga. In this time, her ex was in a new relationship, which brought up emotions of jealousy.

“I envied the feeling of another woman getting the same attention so much that I eventually brought it up with my yoga instructor.”

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Her yoga instructor gave her some simple advice, “If you really love him then you should be happy for him.” These few words really stuck with Saba and eventually helped her get over her breakup. These words also very her a whole new outlook on the definition of love and how she perceived it.

“This is not love; this is a form of attachment that is born out of lust and talking to each other so frequently that you become addicted to each other. Kids these days are not able to tell between love and attachment and not being able to see that line is turning them into delusional heroes and heroines.”

In the interview, Saba Qamar talks about being single as being a fulfilling journey. 

‘People have the impression that there’s a cue of suitors waiting to take me away but that isn’t true. I wish it was the case, but that’s painting too rosy a picture of my life.’

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The entertainment industry is one of the biggest players in the game of ‘love’. They sell a certain idea and perception of love, especially our Pakistani dramas. 

Saba Qamar, being an actress, therefore is part of that world, however, she has the awareness that this is the case.

“I and my work are part of the same problem and that is why I don’t want my fans to take such characters seriously.” She called dramas and films a ‘big sham’ with regards to how they portray love and other emotions.

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There are a lot of issues about how we see and understand love. Saba Qamar is right when she says that there is a huge difference between love and attachment- love can be freeing and lovely to experience but attachment can get toxic if it isn’t dealt with properly.

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